Callie has a Suitor

I have suspected for several nights now that Callie’s suitor has returned because she disappears in the evening for hours at a time, and after searching for her, I found her under a chair in the master bedroom that has a hollow base to it. She curls up under this chair with her front paws and chin facing the sliding door, and peers out intently into the blackness of the night. When I caught her hiding under there, she got up quickly and sat by the window and kept staring. I can’t let her out at night because of coyotes, so she has no choice but to stare at whatever it is she is looking at but with the glass door as a barrier between her and it. Living in Borrego Springs prevents her from unchaperoned access to the outdoors, and I am not about to let her out after dark when I can’t see a thing.

About a year ago, we had the tuxedo tom, a relatively young black and white, tall and lean, gorgeous male in his prime, strolling through the backyard, meowing as tomcats will do, and Callie would throw herself against the door in outrage as she screamed like a banshee and scared the shit out of me. She has always despised her own species because the boys in particular when we lived at the beach, would take one look at her cute little behind and darling back legs and be totally smitten. They would advance on her aggressively instead of taking it slow and easy, and this would make her very upset. I would have to chase them off when we went out for walks together and she hated the attention.

There is also a ginger tom that has managed to survive as a semi-feral male for at least 4 years now that I know of, and he is squat with a thick neck, is short legged and one tough looking home-boy. I am amazed he is still alive and can only surmise that someone must periodically feed him and provide fresh water. I suppose he has access to all the backyard pools too. But summer temperatures can reach a whopping 124 degrees, and most people leave until the fall, so this is one tough cat. He has managed to avoid becoming a meal to the many coyotes in the area and hunt for himself, so this makes him a hero to me.

Both mark the olive tree and the screen door because Callie reacts by curling her lip and staring out into space with a funny, intent look on her face when she gets a whiff. Living out here in the desert for almost two years now has left her just a little bit lonely, and I think she doesn’t mind their presence as much as she used to. This morning because of the brightness of the moon, I got up at 4 am and while I was sipping coffee and Callie was resting on the stereo that provides warmth for her, we heard the distinctive mournful meows of one of her suitors. I couldn’t see which one it was, but Callie jumped up on the windowsill and stared out into the void, and this time she appreciated the attention.

Now I know why she is secretly going into the back bedroom and staring out into the backyard for hours. She is carrying on a secretive romance with Romeo, and this time because of the glass barrier, he is having to take it nice and slow and easy, just the way she likes it!

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