A Rainy Day in Morro Bay

When you have been living in the desert like I have for the past couple of years, heading up to Morro Bay and spending the day in the rain is a welcoming thought. California is still reeling from a 10 year or more drought, so all of us Californians are doing the happy dance and welcoming the moisture.

It started to sprinkle last night and Michael actually grilled BBQ tofu and I made a spinach and rice dish. We are out of propane from our Death Valley trip and didn’t feel like stopping to fill up on the road yesterday. We are staying at Cypress RV Park and it is our favorite spot at the bay. It has a view of the rock and the smokestacks and we have partial hook-ups. The bathrooms are right next door and the place is immaculate. Fred is over by the office and has a short walk to the showers and bathrooms but he also has full hookups.

In the early afternoon, we took a walk in the drizzle and headed over to the Embarcadero and Morro Rock. Last night I didn’t take my camera along and we spotted an Osprey, an otter pounding a clam open with an abalone shell, a Night Heron, and a gigantic sea lion. I was so aghast that I didn’t have my phone with me and I missed so many good shots. This afternoon I made sure I had my camera and while the day was not as eventful, I still saw a lot of wildlife. That is what I love about Morro Bay.

Great Blue Herons frequent the shoreline in search of fish and the otters are really comfortable around people. Did you know that an otter has skin folds underneath both arms that pocket their favorite tool and dinner? I didn’t know that! The mother otter also blows air onto her pups fur so that it stays buoyant and it won’t drown. The 3,000 or so otters left are from a colony of about 50 that came down from the Big Sur area. They were hunted for their dense fur and were almost wiped out. They are making a comeback but are still considered endangered.

We will be staying here for a few days and then head up to Half Moon Bay so that our daughter can attend a game seminar in San Fransisco. She has finished with school and is now actively seeking employment. She would like to be a producer for a top-notch game company and we are totally supportive of her decision.

Callie hasn’t moved all day and enjoys sleeping in the RV on a rainy day and listening to the rain drops fall on the roof. She also loves traveling in the RV and sleeps up in the loft where she can peek out the tiny window and survey the world below her while feeling safe and protected. She also climbs up on the dash and can look out the windshield and see Morro rock and the smokestacks. The fog horns are sending out their protective warning to all boats out at sea and I love the mournful call they make in the dense cloud layer.

The photograph of the two otters is from an informative plaque by the marina.

6 thoughts on “A Rainy Day in Morro Bay

  1. nationalparkswitht March 14, 2018 / 1:14 am

    Awww I love the otters. When you’re up near half moon, you know about the tide pool place…Moss park I think. Or refuge. Anyway, if you haven’t been, check it out at low tide

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