Cat Tails

Last night we were playing cards and Michael was teasing Callie by pulling and yanking on her tail because her tail was knocking the cards off of the table. I don’t know about you, but I think she is showing a certain type of intelligence by going after his toes that were propped up on the bench on the other side of the table. It shows an awareness that she didn’t just turn around and playfully swat at his hands. She took us both by surprise by swiping at his feet instead. Notice that she doesn’t have her claws extended. She is such a cool animal and an awesome RV companion. We couldn’t ask for a better cat! I am so glad that we adopted her as a stray 7 years ago when she came running across our front yard and pleading for help.

Callie had been abandoned by her first family because she was too difficult and demanding; they stopped by a year later to tell me when they were sure that I would keep her. I think it is because she is super curious and they didn’t understand her needs. She wants to be a part of it all and gets bored very easily. RVing is the perfect remedy for boredom. She gets to go on walks, sailing, bike rides, meet new people, their dogs, and live life as one, great, big adventure!

6 thoughts on “Cat Tails

  1. My Carmel April 29, 2018 / 3:10 pm

    Callie is so smart and beautiful! I enjoyed it very much when I read all her adventures and see the photos you take of her ❤ Thank you for sharing the love!

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  2. jmnowak April 29, 2018 / 10:21 pm

    Ha! Toes are such fun! And I bet the bike rides give her a few thrills, especially over bumpy roads. Oohh!! 🚴

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    • sevenfauesisters April 29, 2018 / 10:24 pm

      I can’t take her off-road biking that would be a tad bit too scary for her. She loves going downhill fast though. One time she turned around to pat me on the face and I had to yell at her. She is such a character.

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