I’m Never Letting Go

Callie has never loved a toy like she loves the worm on the hook! I would not have guessed it and only bought it out of desperation at the grocery store because she had such a pathetic toy collection while traveling in the RV. At least Callie can hang out on the dash and watch the world go by, but at times, a good rousing game of “worm” is what she wants most of all. And when we stay at home for weeks at a time like this time, she needs other diversions to keep her occupied.

I have had to limit her play time with this ugly thing though because it becomes the ONLY thing that she wants to do. She absolutely loves hooking the worm with one claw and has to have it ever so gently ripped out of her paws. I don’t know what it is about this toy, but somebody got it right when they designed it. The cord is elastic and can be pulled to the limits of its elasticity and then she lets go and the worm goes flying through the air much like a fishing line. After we are done playing, I brush her for awhile to calm her down. She gets pretty wild and crazy pretending that she is destroying this creature.

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