Someone had her Asthma Medicine

Callie still has asthma attacks periodically and I have to apply the steroid cream to her inner ear flap. When we change environments like we did yesterday; going from 115-degree weather to the balmy marine layer of Encinitas, she will have coughing episodes. She had 5 yesterday, so I applied the cream last night and within an hour or so, she had her vim and vigor back and was ready for rough and tumble playtime.

She adores the cotton rug on the floor because it can’t escape and she can capture the rug in a tight paw, death grip, and can then kick the hell out of it. She looks up at me when she does this with a sweet expression of, “I kill you!” on her face while beating the rug into submission. Once the rug stops resisting, Callie settles down and some of her predatorial energy has been dissipated. For her comfort, she has been provided with the front seat of the RV decked out with a lovely folded, soft, fluffy blanket and a room with a view, but this morning because of the slightest chill in the air, she crawled up under the protective covering on the sofa. What a princess she is! But she is feeling so much better today, and for that, I am relieved.

We are once again staying at the Riviera Mobile Home and RV Park and are very happy with this place. Steve is treating us great

and Callie has her route picked out where she can walk safely on the leash and I can keep an eye out for dogs that are also being walked. She has one particular fence post that must be a marking spot for all the animals around here because she has to stop and roll and rub her face in ecstasy back and forth on the fence. She has a look of absolute bliss on her face while she does this and it takes up to 15 minutes of our time. I can’t pull her away from the fence post until she is good and ready to go. I suppose if that is how she wants to spend her time while out on a walk, she is within her kitty rights to do so!

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