Pretty Please!

Michael, Callie and I would much rather be here in Encinitas than the desert, but sometimes the RV gets a little small for Callie and she needs several walks and rough and tumble playtime. Michael and I went to go see The King movie about Elvis and the decline of America and the middle class and she was stuck inside the RV all by herself for a couple of hours. When we returned, it was within her rights to demand some fun and I obliged her by getting out the catnip mouse and “the worm,” so that I could wear off some of her pent-up energy. The rug came in handy too for a few swift kicks and bites before it succumbed to her deadly attack. She is now resting comfortably on the front seat and I will walk her when the sun sets so that the asphalt isn’t too hot for her paw pads.

BTW- The King was a very insightful documentary on Elvis and civil rights and how it took a white male singer to introduce the Black Blues to white Americans. It also touches on the pain and difficulties that Elvis had to endure with his quick rise to fame and fortune. I loved the movie and am saddened by the state of affairs in our country. I can’t stand Donald Trump and don’t care if I lose readership because of my position. The movie touches on the conditions that were festering and ripe for this con man to be voted into power.

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