Eat, Poop, Play

When Eat, Pray, Love came out by Elizabeth Gilbert, I rushed to buy a copy and relished devouring it from cover to cover over several days of intense reading. I loved her easy writing style and related to her struggles and the joy of traveling while eating new and delicious cuisine. That being said, I rather think that Callie’s many travel adventures, dining on her exotic Venison and Peas Science Diet for sensitive skin and pooping in her litter box with a bellowing announcement each time she does it with her be here now attitude, is a fair comparison to this fine best seller.

Spending time with a cat in a 24ft RV with three adults requires full cooperation and one must be flexible and easy going in nature to get along. With our daughter, Lara visiting, Callie has taken it upon herself to wake us all up at the crack of dawn. Mind you, I am the only one who actually gets out of bed, but all three of us are woken up and then it is time for me to feed and walk Callie in the morning after my cup of coffee is finished. Callie knows when I have set my cup down and it is empty and she will start circling my legs and meowing ever so softly as she begs for a walk. I then snap on her harness and leash and away we go. When we return from all of our morning adventures, a delicious breakfast is served. Once the dishes are cleaned and put away, and the litter box is emptied and swept out, Callie takes another dump much to my dismay and with a triumphant meow for all to hear, she retires to the front seat of the RV for her siesta.

Callie has had many countless adventures since we started traveling in the RV for the past year and a half, and she has learned a variety of new lessons. Learning to walk on a leash has opened up doors for her that are not available to most felines. For example, with suggestions provided by my readers about her fear of other cats, I am praising the other cats that we run into on our walks now and I tell them how wonderful they are instead of yelling at them to stay away. Callie has picked up on my new and friendly tone and is actually calmer and less stressed out about it. She looks at them with curiosity and less fear and marches right past them without so much as a glance. Well, maybe a quick sideways glance, but there is no longer any hissing and screaming and she doesn’t seem nearly as panicked.

So our days are spent in much the same way as Elizabeth Gilbert’s were when she traveled to Italy, savoring the delicious Italian Cuisine as she studied the art and language of exotic Rome and met a sexy new man on top of it. Callie too has numerous suitors, eats so much that she has had to be put on a diet, and instead of praying for support, inspiration, and insight, she lives in the moment- right here and now.

2 thoughts on “Eat, Poop, Play

  1. da-AL August 25, 2018 / 9:33 pm

    such a sweet story! your kittie is one lucky pet 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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