Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park

After two long days of traveling from Monument Valley, we settled into the Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park & Cabins in site #109. When I called as we were on the road, the woman who answered at the front desk let us know there had been a cancellation and we were fortunate to get in. The campground is just 4 blocks from the West entrance to Yellowstone. We love it here. Callie can be walked out into the Gallatin National Forest and the sites are spaciously situated. Today we are taking the Tracker into the park. It has served us well, but because it is an old vehicle, (1991) it always makes me just a little stressed out about breaking down.

We have been advised to break our drive into two loops. Today will take us to the Tower-Roosevelt and Mammoth Hot Springs areas where bison, bear, and elk congregate. Tomorrow will be the upper and lower falls and Old Faithful. It is a rainy day and the smoke from nearby fires has been washed away and the skies are cloudy but clean. What a beautiful place. I highly recommend this campground. It is expensive at $68.00 per night, but well worth it as an extravagance. It is probably the nicest campground we have stayed in, in the year and a half we have been on the road.

Once again, I will need to buy more storage in order to upload photographs. My 500px site link shows off the landscapes but not dark Callie. She is having a blast though and couldn’t be happier buried under a blanket this morning and having a long well deserved nap!

Heading to Yellowstone

We are having an incredible time and are currently at a rest stop off the 15 in Idaho. We left Monument Valley and spent 12 hours on the road. It is now 5:45 am and Michael, Callie and I are up and at ’em! We want to make it to Yellowstone today. We have a 3.5 hour drive to go.

I cannot upload photographs until I buy more storage. I have linked my 500px photographs so that you can see what I have been up to. I want to thank all of my readers for following my blog. Callie loves traveling with us and has been an awesome traveling partner with Michael and me. The Tracker that we are pulling is a great addition and the 24ft Icon Class C, fantastic.

Love, Joan & Callie of course!

Monument Valley

We left the north rim of the Grand Canyon yesterday Morning, and made it to Monument Valley with monsoon rains washing the sky and creating flash flooding in parts of the desert. Marble Canyon saw a lot of rain in the past couple of weeks, because there were puddles and small creeks everywhere. We past over the Colorado River and Lee Vining where Michael and I took rafts down the river about 38 years ago.

Monument Valley is breathtaking and after settling into space # 18, we unhooked Tracker and explored the valley at sunset. This is serious off-roading, and my neck and back can tell that I have been bounced around. When I close my eyes, images of the magnificent rocks vibrate behind my closed lids because I took at least 100 photographs. The brochure says it is best to take photographs in the early morning, so we go up at the crack of dawn and went back to Artistic Point once again.

This morning wasn’t as dramatic as last evening because the sky was too cloudy and didn’t let any light on. A rainbow appeared briefly in the sky but most of the time, the skies were dark and gave new meaning to the term, Navajo Red. All of my photographs are burgundy and red!

I have to purchase more space on WordPress in order to upload photographs, and will try and do so in the next couple of days. In the mean time, I will try to delete some of my old posts, and add new ones. We are having a fabulous time, and Callie is enjoying herself tremendously. Riding on the dash gives her no end of pleasure.

The Grand, Grand Canyon!

We are camped at the Kaibab RV Campground which is about a 45 minute to an hour drive to the Grand Canyon North Rim. The road takes you past miles and miles of burned down forest with broadleaf trees sprouting up first. But once you get close to the entrance of the park, fragrant meadows appear as far as the eye can see. As soon as we crossed into the park, a herd of Bison were being supervised by park rangers as they rolled in the dirt and sparred with one another. Many of the females had nursing calves and you have to wonder if they will survive the harsh winter. They were crossing the road and sometimes would stop and stare at the cars and drivers. When this happened, the Rangers would blast their sirens to keep the herd moving into the grassy meadow.

The rim was extraordinary and a lightning storm was flashing in the distance. You pass a sign where a hiker was struck two weeks ago by a bolt and there is a hole in the pathway and a tree took a direct hit too. If you hear thunder, you must take cover indoors at the lodge. The hiker survived because of the quick response to personnel and CPR.

I took lots of photographs and we had a fabulous day because of the Tracker and the freedom it gives us to explore the area without dragging the RV everywhere. Callie goes on several walks and appears to appreciate the cooler temperature of being at an 8500 elevation. The pine trees smell divine and there are puffy white clouds out. The monsoon season has arrived and every evening the clouds build up in the distance to dump rain on the horizon.