The Grand, Grand Canyon!

We are camped at the Kaibab RV Campground which is about a 45 minute to an hour drive to the Grand Canyon North Rim. The road takes you past miles and miles of burned down forest with broadleaf trees sprouting up first. But once you get close to the entrance of the park, fragrant meadows appear as far as the eye can see. As soon as we crossed into the park, a herd of Bison were being supervised by park rangers as they rolled in the dirt and sparred with one another. Many of the females had nursing calves and you have to wonder if they will survive the harsh winter. They were crossing the road and sometimes would stop and stare at the cars and drivers. When this happened, the Rangers would blast their sirens to keep the herd moving into the grassy meadow.

The rim was extraordinary and a lightning storm was flashing in the distance. You pass a sign where a hiker was struck two weeks ago by a bolt and there is a hole in the pathway and a tree took a direct hit too. If you hear thunder, you must take cover indoors at the lodge. The hiker survived because of the quick response to personnel and CPR.

I took lots of photographs and we had a fabulous day because of the Tracker and the freedom it gives us to explore the area without dragging the RV everywhere. Callie goes on several walks and appears to appreciate the cooler temperature of being at an 8500 elevation. The pine trees smell divine and there are puffy white clouds out. The monsoon season has arrived and every evening the clouds build up in the distance to dump rain on the horizon.

4 thoughts on “The Grand, Grand Canyon!

  1. curioussteph September 6, 2018 / 5:26 pm

    I’ve done the river twice through the Grand Canyon, once on rafts, once in dories and loved it. Still haven’t been to the rim–so many worthy places to visit.

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    • sevenfauesisters September 6, 2018 / 7:02 pm

      I did the raft trip 38 years ago and went off right before lava falls. I am a good swimmer and was able to get back onto the raft. We had a guide who drove everyone nuts. So log ago!


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