Monument Valley

We left the north rim of the Grand Canyon yesterday Morning, and made it to Monument Valley with monsoon rains washing the sky and creating flash flooding in parts of the desert. Marble Canyon saw a lot of rain in the past couple of weeks, because there were puddles and small creeks everywhere. We past over the Colorado River and Lee Vining where Michael and I took rafts down the river about 38 years ago.

Monument Valley is breathtaking and after settling into space # 18, we unhooked Tracker and explored the valley at sunset. This is serious off-roading, and my neck and back can tell that I have been bounced around. When I close my eyes, images of the magnificent rocks vibrate behind my closed lids because I took at least 100 photographs. The brochure says it is best to take photographs in the early morning, so we go up at the crack of dawn and went back to Artistic Point once again.

This morning wasn’t as dramatic as last evening because the sky was too cloudy and didn’t let any light on. A rainbow appeared briefly in the sky but most of the time, the skies were dark and gave new meaning to the term, Navajo Red. All of my photographs are burgundy and red!

I have to purchase more space on WordPress in order to upload photographs, and will try and do so in the next couple of days. In the mean time, I will try to delete some of my old posts, and add new ones. We are having a fabulous time, and Callie is enjoying herself tremendously. Riding on the dash gives her no end of pleasure.

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