Visitors Not Welcome

Callie is about as antisocial as they come when other cats are involved. When we are staying in the RV at the beach, there are many neighborhood felines that wish to visit and make themselves available to her. She will have nothing to do with them though, and if they do come around, Callie hangs out the Do Not Disturb sign. In the safety of the RV, and leaning out the kitchen table window, she will also send a shout out that visitors are not welcome just for good measure! Bodie, the handsome ginger tabby that lives down the street, took a while before he got the hint. He just couldn’t quite believe that a cute thing like her, would not find it in her heart to fall in love with a good looking boy, like him!

A Purrito Burrito Baby

All cats search out a warm place in which to rest if the opportunity arises and Callie is no different than most cats. This morning when we woke up to a cold, dank, marine layer slowly rolling onto shore, I found her curled up in a compact little ball right next to our dinette set. She looked absolutely miserable but was determined to ignore the discomfort just as long as she could be close to us. When I saw how cold she was, I rolled her up into a tight burrito by wrapping her snug and cozy in a blanket with just her head sticking out. It did the trick for a little while; that is until she noticed that Michael was napping on the couch directly in front of her. With cat-like ease and with zero concern whatsoever of being rejected, she quickly sprung into action and jumped down without further ado, or an open invitation for that matter, and made a beeline for his inert body. After circling several times directly on his chest to find just the right spot, Callie plonked herself down with a grateful sigh, and with her bottom and tail twitching spasmodically, she cuddled herself up directly under his nose. He hardly noticed her though and opened his eyes up only briefly before falling right back to sleep again. A warm chest to rest on is far better than being a roasty, toasty, purrito, burrito, baby. Score one for Callie, she sure knows how to get her way.

It’s a Cat’s Life

If you had asked me when I first adopted Callie as a stray that we would be traveling in an RV together and that she would absolutely love it, I would not have believed you. But she took to traveling like a duck to water and we haven’t looked back since. She quickly demanded her rightful place on the dash of the RV while we are out on the road, and her favorite perch after that is the sofa with a big window to look out of. There are many areas that suit her including the dinette bench but she also loves the loft where we sleep above the cab. For some reason, I naively assumed that Callie would be unable to climb up there while we were sleeping, but it didn’t take long for her to figure out how to scramble up the side and quite proudly show off by walking on top of us with a cheery “I am here!” There are so many little nooks and crannies for her to chill out in with view windows to boot, that this is probably her favorite thing to do. It’s a cat’s life for sure!

The Circle of Life

Life in the desert is paradise right now. The temperature has stayed below 100 degrees and even though most of the wildflowers have dried up and blown away, there is still ample ocotillo, agave, acacia, beavertail cactus, and so much more in bloom. The Anna’s Hummingbird, Orioles, Costa’s Hummingbird, Verdin, Red-winged blackbird, Killdeer, Says Phoebe, Kingfishers, Great Blue Herons, and White Egrets abound. At night, the pond is filled with the croaking sound of frogs in full throttle mode and dragonflies zip around along the surface of the water. Bats come out in the evening, and this is when Callie gets very excited. She adores watching the bats almost hit the window but somehow manage to veer off at the last second. Her head swivels back and forth as they dart about right before her very eyes. The fragrance of flowers fills the air with a lovely scented perfume and the caterpillars that haven’t been consumed, feed voraciously on what vegetation is left. The Painted Lady Butterflies are so numerous, that if you drive around to take in the sites, they flutter by in droves that many, sadly, are then hit by cars. The circle of life is steadily moving toward the season of summer and soon it will be too hot to live in the desert heat again. Fortunately for us, we can escape the soaring temperature and drive to the beach where our RV is parked.

Callie gets so excited when she knows we are heading for the beach that she stands up in the car to look out the window and starts to meow loudly when she sees the RV. She loves being on the road and is especially fond of the ICON. It is something to look forward to when we have to escape again. We are planning on a trip up the coast to help a friend out who’s husband passed away and she is flying in from Australia to scatter his ashes in May. We will get as far north as Monterey to see the otters. We plan on traveling for 2 weeks. I have much to look forward to.