In response to the Coronavirus, and because Michael is over 70 and especially vulnerable to lung infections, we packed up and headed to the desert to try and ride out the worst of the pandemic. Fortunately for me, I love to read and write and go out and shoot photographs. I am so fortunate that I bought several weeks’ worth of groceries and stocked up on one, 12-pack of toilet paper. Shame on anyone who took more than their fair share. We must all try and work together as a society and look out for the elderly and those that are all alone. I have two neighbors on the same street that share my passion for photography and we are here to show support of one another if needed.

Callie is doing very well and is self-isolating too. I pulled out her old Kong bed that she used to stomp on and collapse the roof before sleeping on top of the bed instead of inside. She has aged considerably and mellowed out since the last time she saw the bed because now she really loves curling up inside to take her naps. It won’t be long before she jumps back up on the roof though.

I can only hope that most of you are doing the best that you can under these trying circumstances. The more we choose social distancing, the quicker we will get a handle on this virus and a vaccine will possibly be developed. Stay well my friends.

If the Box Fits

What is it about cats and boxes; it is a universal trait and even big cats like tigers and mountain lions will crawl up into a box if they come across one. Callie is no different, and when a wonderful neighbor dropped off some goodies for me and after I had unpacked the sourdough bread and strawberries and placed the empty box on the floor, she didn’t hesitate to claim it as her own. The box was just a tad bit too small though, but that didn’t seem to discourage her as she curled up extra tight in order to fit and sighed deeply while closing both eyes and settling down for a nice long catnap.

Time to stretch out and get petted!