Sheltering in Place

We have finally escaped the desert heat once again and this time because of COVID-19, we are sheltering in place in Morro Bay. Cypress RV Park had accepted our reservation before the pandemic hit and honored it as long as we stayed put for a couple of months. The public restroom facilities are all closed up and we are fully contained in our CLASS C RV and only go out for bike rides, photo opportunities, and grocery shopping.

Callie has been given permission to explore freely outside for short periods of time because we are nestled way far back in the park with no one next to us. The streets that border the park are quiet and there are very few cars. She is having a blast and loves sitting out in the sun with a cool marine breeze washing over her.

I have been taking lots of sea otter photos and the bird life here is especially rewarding. There is a female Peregrine Falcon named Sierra that has 3 chicks high up on Morro Rock and Great Blue Herons and Snowy Egrets are everywhere. I even captured a Common Loon that looks like it has bright white polka dots on his back feathers.

The virus crisis is far from over, and the lack of testing while opening up the country is a foolish and irresponsible move. I can only hope that most of you readers follow the science and support our first responders and health care workers by continuing to social distance yourself and wear a mask while inside buildings. Stay safe and healthy everyone. We will be enjoying Morro Bay for at least several months and I look forward to sharing lots of photos with you.

Common Loon
Mother otter and pup
Snowy Egrets
Great Blue Heron
Morro Bay
A mother otter trying to rest with a rambunctious pup.
Big Sur
My little helper!

5 thoughts on “Sheltering in Place

  1. Darnell Cureton May 8, 2020 / 7:32 pm

    Nice place to be during the pandemic as long as you can get supplies. Callie looks well. Has she noticed the masks or does she care? Doesnt really matter, as long as everyone is safe. Be Well.

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