CBD Oil and Asthma in Cats

Callie developed heart-wrenching asthma several years ago, and to watch her wheeze and try to clear her lungs enough to suck inadequate oxygen pulls at my heartstrings. She will be having a wonderful time wrestling with me and will roll over playfully, only to have to sit up violently to cough. Brushing her right away seems to calm her, but the coughing fits are coming more often and taking lo her to subside. When she was finally diagnosed with asthma after 6 months of antibiotics from another incompetent vet, Dr. Stephens in Morro Bay put her on prednisolone cream that is applied to the ear flap and causes Callie very little stress when administering it.

But now that we aren’t going to Morro Bay as much, we have had to change vets and have a lovely vet named Sandy, at Encinitas Village. Unfortunately for us, we ran out of the cream quite some time ago and are waiting for a delivery that will arrive on Monday. She first prescribed prednisone orally, and that did nothing for her cough, so we got creative and chose to purchase some CBD oil from a local dispensary. The olive oil-based CBD oil is dropped into soft food and the usually very picky Callie laps it up like it is the best-tasting food she has ever tasted.

The results have been pretty conclusive and her cough is down by 75% and she appears relaxed and happy. The only downside that I can see, is an increase in her appetite and gum disease by eating soft food. I resist the temptation to feed her canned and only feed her dry kibble once I have given her the medicine, but Callie’s preference for gummy canned food is going to be a challenge. When we first rescued her as a 3-year-old, she already had advanced gum disease and we had to schedule her for teeth cleaning. Her gums really improved and she hasn’t had any oral issues ever since. I can already smell her bad breath again though and will have to be very careful.

We pick up the prednisolone cream tomorrow on our way to Las Vegas and will be staying at the Thousand Trails Campground for the first time. This summer we became members and now we can stay for free in any of the campgrounds that are in California and Nevada, Washington and Oregon. What a great deal! We are very excited to see our daughter again and I hope to do some landscape photography at Valley of Fire, Snow Valley, and Zion. Once I have the cream for her ear I won’t have to give her the CBD oil as much for asthma but will be using it for separation anxiety that makes her throw up, and that is another story altogether!

Happy Holidays to all of my beloved readers. I hope that you have recovered from Thanksgiving and can move on to Christmas and Hanukkah and whatever it is that gives your heart joy and causes you to reflect on your life and all that you should be grateful for. I am so grateful for having rescued Callie. She has become my muse and contributes so much to my life and the adventures I am having traveling in the RV with my wonderful husband of 41 years.

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