Celebrating “What” Exactly!

Donald Trump’s, in your face display of fascism and division on sacred native Indian land at Mount Rushmore left me feeling horrified and saddened with the disgusting turn our country has taken with this presidency. It has brought out a side of humanity that I had hoped was buried for good and for all after Hitler died. But no, there is an element of nationalistic fervor still brewing amongst my fellow American citizens. If at this point, my post is offensive to any of you readers, go away, we have nothing in common and you aren’t welcome here anymore.

Callie had a tummy ache again after we finished a 10 mile bike ride yesterday along the many miles of closed beaches of Pacific Grove. She rushed over to me as soon as I stepped up into the RV and did her classic, demonic chew that expresses hunger and/or discomfort and promptly threw up several times. There is nothing less fun than a cat throwing up in the small confines of an RV. I quickly remove all of the rugs and roll them up because that is her preferred choice to barf on and I also stop feeding her even when she goes into overdrive about telling me she is very unhappy. She thinks she is hungry and pats me constantly and chews and this will go on throughout the entire night. Fortunately for me, at 1 am when Michael chose to come up to bed, we were able to feed her a small amount and she slept well, and so did I for that matter, for the rest of the night.

This morning she and I both got up nice and early and I turned the heater on for her and we are having a pleasant enough dawn while I have a cup of coffee and appreciate my health and her much improved health. The fairgrounds are celebrating the 4th of July with fair food and I walked over and picked up funnel cake and kettle corn yesterday that people could drive through to pick up (you weren’t supposed to get out of your car) but I had walked over from the campgrounds, so I was an exception to the rule. The fairgrounds would normally be humming with hundreds of people going on thrill rides, checking out display booths of all kinds and celebrating our independence with fireworks at the end of the evening. This has all come to a grinding halt again because of COVID-19. The virus did not go away like a miracle and infection rates seemed to have spiked and actually have accelerated since opening the country back up too soon and it is another example of the retched incompetence of this monster in the White House.

Biking along the coastline, all the beaches have been closed in anticipation of large crowds and it is forcing people to keep social distance and masks are required for everyone. Wearing a mask while biking is difficult and my mask kept fogging up. I apparently don’t have it snug enough around the nose and under my eyes. So today could have been a celebration of all the hard work of those of us who have sheltered in place since March, instead of the horror show playing out all across the county now. The economy will only recover if we help those in need by paying people to stay at home and to distance ourselves from one another until a vaccine has been discovered. Stay safe everyone and do your part to help heal this country. The hospitals and health care workers need our participation so that the ICU beds don’t reach full capacity as they are doing now in Texas and Florida. We will happily do the same in our 24ft Class C RV. Happy 4th of July.

6 thoughts on “Celebrating “What” Exactly!

  1. curioussteph July 4, 2020 / 4:03 pm

    Happy 4th of July to you, even as, you rightly recognize we are in an agonizing time. So disheartening to see so much crappy behavior, led by the boor in chief.


  2. Darnell Cureton July 6, 2020 / 5:31 pm

    I commented on a bloggers post about the kind of person fit to be in office. I said one that has experience in politics running as mayor, then governor, before running for president. A singer, should not run, as well as a businessman doing bad business. Calle had a rough day? Any idea what brings that on? Glad she is better, but mom got no sleep…

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    • sevenfauesisters July 6, 2020 / 5:32 pm

      She is sensitive but manages to rebound. It may have been warm that day and she fell asleep on the dash in the sun. She threw up first there. All good. Stay well and thank you so much for always responding.


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