I’d like to introduce you to my cat who thinks she’s a dog. She’s got a big, outgoing personality. She loves to meet new people and even dogs. This is in direct conflict with who I am. My ideal life is a quiet one, curled up with a book. By profession, I am an artist and having a familiar daily routine is a priority. However, with Callie in tow and camera in hand, I am frequently pulled into social situations as people stop to take her photo. What’s really great about having her is how people naturally gravitate towards her. They are genuinely surprised to see a cat out and about in the world. They especially want to know how I managed to train her to wear a leash and harness, and walk in front of me just like a dog!  The secret is that Callie is actually the one who has been the teacher! 🙂
I adopted Callie about five years ago while living in Redlands, California. I was walking my husband to his car when she came running across the front lawn and past us both and right into the front door, panicked. She was obviously in distress, lost, and confused. I had just put down my Jack Russel terrier Addy two months prior and was in no mood for a new pet. My daughter and I printed up a series of posters to help find her original owners. I reluctantly went to the store and picked up cat supplies, knowing that she was only going to be a temporary visitor. She was clearly too well taken care of and cute to be a stray cat. Needless to say, after a month of no response after contacting all of the local pet services, she became a new family member.

Prior to Callie, my way with animals was always one of strict discipline and clear-cut boundaries. For example, one of my rules was that animals were not allowed to sleep on the bed. However, Callie saw things differently. Needless to say, she now sleeps right in between my husband and me, purring away happily. She is quite the handful! Of all of the animals I have had, she requires constant attention and stimulation. This is part of what makes her such a good travel companion. 

What you can expect from this blog is a collection of stories and photographs detailing my adventures with Callie and my husband Michael (who is also the adventuresome type). Look forward to “Travels with Callie”!