In response to the Coronavirus, and because Michael is over 70 and especially vulnerable to lung infections, we packed up and headed to the desert to try and ride out the worst of the pandemic. Fortunately for me, I love to read and write and go out and shoot photographs. I am so fortunate that I bought several weeks’ worth of groceries and stocked up on one, 12-pack of toilet paper. Shame on anyone who took more than their fair share. We must all try and work together as a society and look out for the elderly and those that are all alone. I have two neighbors on the same street that share my passion for photography and we are here to show support of one another if needed.

Callie is doing very well and is self-isolating too. I pulled out her old Kong bed that she used to stomp on and collapse the roof before sleeping on top of the bed instead of inside. She has aged considerably and mellowed out since the last time she saw the bed because now she really loves curling up inside to take her naps. It won’t be long before she jumps back up on the roof though.

I can only hope that most of you are doing the best that you can under these trying circumstances. The more we choose social distancing, the quicker we will get a handle on this virus and a vaccine will possibly be developed. Stay well my friends.

Bloom Where You’re Planted

“Bloom where you’re planted” was a favorite piece of advice that my mother would tell her 7 daughters and one son. It is a phrase I remind myself of frequently. One must always strive to do the best that you can under any given situation.

Living in the desert with March right around the corner, the creosote and brittle bush are in full swing and the scent of flowers is everywhere. The mimosa tree will stop you in your tracks if you get within 30ft of it. All the plants in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park are offering up their pollen and nectar to insects and birds and the desert is alive with chirps and buzzes and brilliant flashes of gold and orange colors.

Callie is doing very well and we have found the right medications for her asthma. She is less stressed with the CBD oil and the prednisolone cream that is applied to her inner ear flap has lessened her coughing spells.

I finished a painting of a bighorn ram that I have titled “Size Matters” for a flora and fauna show at the Borrego Art Institute, and if it is accepted, I will have put my toe in the door for exhibiting again. Bloom where you’re planted, has been achieved.

Waiting for birds to arrive
Out on her walk
Chuparosa and Costa’s Hummingbird
Female Costa’s Hummingbird
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Sweet Pea
Costa’s Hummingbird and Creosote
Verdin on Brittle Bush
Carpenter Bee
Verdin on Ocotillo Blossom
Desert Bee and Brittle Bush
Sweet Pea
Size Matters

A Bird Sanctuary

I am not sure if most of you know this, but I am a wildlife photographer and birds are my passion. I started painting birds first though in my early twenties but was forced to retire because of Pterigium’s in both eyes. I had eye surgery last year and it was successful, so I am attempting to paint again. We have a fabulous, world-renowned art institute here in Borrego Springs and I am considering joining and submitting works of fine-art.

Birds escape cold winter weather just like humans do, and they migrate from all over the world to stay in the mild climate of the desert during the winter months. We live within 40 miles of the Sonny Bono Nature Preserve, which attracts thousands of birds, but I am also trying to create a bird sanctuary right here in my own backyard for photo opportunities. Yesterday, we built a water feature and laid gravel and I will set up my tripod to take hummingbird images. I am debating on getting a feeder too but haven’t decided yet whether I will go that route. I have mixed feelings about sugar water, and how quickly one hummer will dominate at the peril of all others, but we shall see. If the sound of running water alone is enough, I will stick to that.

The pond behind my house is also a wonderful place for waterfowl, coyotes, rabbits, and many other species to congregate and to find freshwater to drink. I love living in the desert for this very reason, and I am so fortunate to have wildlife all around me. Anza- Borrego Desert State Park is still a wild place to live in and we have some of the healthiest herds of bighorn sheep in the country. I will keep you all updated on the art institute. I am planning on submitting a bighorn ram for a flora and fauna exhibition in the spring. The entrants are juried before even getting into the show, so it is very competitive due to limited space availability.

Callie is still doing very well and the CBD oil is no less than a miracle for her. She hasn’t coughed at all and is a very relaxed and happy cat!

Fine Art Paintings

I am not only a photographer and Callie’s very special owner and playmate, I am also an artist. For many years I painted, but for various reasons, I am now enjoying the art of photography and writing and rarely paint anymore. Someday it would be nice to pick up a brush again, but for now, it gives me great pleasure to post my thoughts and travel experiences on this blog. I do want to share some of my past works with you though, my darling followers at WordPress! Enjoy!

To see just a small portion of the paintings that I’ve done, click here. I’ll add more when I am able to.

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