A Door Left Open

Callie, Michael and I have been on the road for about 2 weeks now, and this is at least our 6th adventure together in the RV. I have never left the kitchen cabinets open and unattended until this morning. I became preoccupied with something and the next thing I knew, Callie was investigating the upper cabinets like it was a treasure hunt of some sorts! That is what is so much fun about cats! They are so here and now and fully engaged in the moment. Her curiosity is endless and sharing the adventure of travelling in an RV with a cat that exhibits little fear is very rewarding. I have anxiety about experiencing new things in life and she tempers it with her enthusiasm for the same thing that causes me anxiety. You can’t help but love her. She relishes adventure and looks up to me for support and safety. I can’t let her down so I have to put my own petty fears and anxiety aside in order to provide her with the best adventure yet! So the moral of this story is… a door left open, is a room that needs to be explored!