Who am I and Where have I Been?

I have taken about three weeks off from posting any new material because I ran out of storage space and I keep debating on what to do next as far as blogging goes. I could buy a business plan on WordPress but that seems too expensive, or delete old photographs. I have chosen for the time being to delete past images until I can figure out what I want to do next because I miss writing and posting photos of Callie. I have also noticed that I can’t remember what I did yesterday, much less, where I was last month! If I don’t attempt to record my thoughts and experiences down in a journal, I quickly forget who I am and where I have been!

Callie visited 6 National Parks last month- Zion, the North Rim Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, Great Basin National Park, and see, I can’t remember what the 6th place was that we stayed at unless I go back and look up old photographs. (It was Monument Valley) We are currently heading up the northwest coastline to Seattle, Washington with our friend, Fred and daughter Lara to attend a wedding.

As soon as we crossed over the Oregon border, we got steady rain and it has been raining all night in Brookings, Oregon at the Harris Beach Campground. Listening to the rain last night as we slept was peaceful and soothing and the fluffy blankets have come out because Callie insists on sleeping underneath them. She is doing well and so loves traveling and resting on the dash while she helps out with the navigation.

We left Encinitas, California last Monday and it is now Saturday morning. We stopped at Jalama State Beach the first night, Bella Vista in Cayucos on the second night, Big Sur on the third, The Redwoods, the fourth and we are now camped at Harris Beach. It has been so hot and dry for so long in California, that the damp and coolness of the rain is a wonderful respite. The muffled sounds of wet leaves and raindrops pinging on the top of the RV and the trill of various songbirds as they rustle underneath for food makes for a peaceful and misty morning.

The sun is supposed to come out later today, so we are planning on staying one more night. Callie got her walk this morning in the drizzle and was greeted by various campers with stories of their own to tell about adopting stray cats and kittens. For the most part, it seems like a lot of cats choose their owners, just like Callie did with me.