Two Men a Raven and a Seagull

Michael, Callie and I are staying at The Cypress RV Park in Morro Bay for one week. We had previously thought we would go as far as Carmel and Monterey on this trip, but we are having such a great time here, we have decided to stay. We also want to make sure that Callie continues to improve from her upper respiratory infection before we leave.

When staying put in a neighborhood, if you are observant, you will begin to see little dramas playing out all around you. Our RV is backed into its space, with the front facing the ocean and Morro Rock, and the 3 smokestacks to the right. Across the street are 2 men, a raven and a seagull that have a relationship with one another. The men live in a small trailer and are scruffy and gruff; but leave one slice of bread for each bird, once a day on a fence post. The raven waits patiently on the telephone wire above and the seagull paces anxiously down below. This morning, the seagull actually had a gift of a bunch of grasses in his or her beak, which it dropped at the foot of the fence post. When one of the men comes out of the trailer to place the bread on the post, one or the other of the birds will get to it first. If the raven gets the bread, the seagull takes to the air and circles around in the sky and squawks in protest until a second piece of bread is placed on the fence post.  If the seagull grabs the bread first, the raven caws and barks on the wire quite loudly until it gets a piece of bread. The seagull has to be very careful when it paces on the ground because there is a gray cat that tries to attack it. The raven has the ability to grasp the wire, while the seagull can only place its webbed feet on flat surfaces. This little drama unfolds every morning, and the 4 of them seem to take quite a bit of pleasure out of such a small act of generosity.

Now that I am a writer, I have become more aware of my surroundings. I have always been observant though. My daughter would chide me gently when we would be sitting in a restaurant because I would stare at people and wonder what their story was. It would make my daughter a little unconfortable because I would stare so intently.  I wouldn’t even be aware that I was doing it.  But it pays to be curious and interested in all that is going on around you if you are a writer. I would never have noticed, 2 men, a raven and a seagull if I had not been! Now Callie and I can stare and feel absolutely no guilt…..

Upon Reflection

I am an American, and I am very troubled by the events unfolding with our new President. When I post a blog, I try to keep religion and politics out of the equation. They both seem so polarizing and lines are drawn in the sand, and each side feels that they are on the right side of history. I for instance, know for a fact, that toddlers have shot and killed more people than terrorists last year. But the events unfolding all over the world are so concerning to me, that it almost feels too frivolous for me to be writing about my silly adventures with my cat, Callie. Yet with all the chaos and evil going on around us, a touch of humor and levity might be just what is needed in these dark times. It is obvious to me that even with writing down my thoughts, I am torn between the seriousness of the state of affairs in politics and religion, and the need to find some joy and light in the darkness. I am new to blogging, my daughter suggested I start this blog with my darling cat because she thought there would be an audience out there that would appreciate the stories I could tell, and that it would be a good outlet for my artistic expression. I am an artist, and have always used the visual to create, but writing is relatively new for me. I was not a good, conventional, student, and my parents moved back and forth from Minnesota to California twice during my formative school years. I am a voracious reader though, and have always been in awe of a good story told. Libraries seem almost sacred to me and if it weren’t for the writers of the world, our stories would only be passed down verbally. I love to write, and have discovered how beneficial it is for me to express myself in this way. When I started TravelswithCallie this summer, what I first noticed, is that bloggers are from all over the world. Borders don’t seem to matter as much. It is the shared love of a subject and a story told, and the wonderful option to have your story “liked” by readers that is so rewarding. There is a kindness bestowed by the reader to the blogger, that is both touching and humbling. Most of us just want our basic needs to be met. We want food to eat, shelter from the storm, clothing on our backs and that our families be taken care of. Artistic expression comes out of pain and/ or joy. It is a feeling that needs to be shared. There seem to be forces mounting that want to take these basic needs away from us. So, I want to be vigilant and mindful concerning these forces. Our planet can no longer afford to be abused. We are not the only species on this planet and the list goes on and on with the abuses the earth is currently subjected to. Ignorance and darkness cannot be tolerated. Upon reflection, I just want anyone reading this post to know that I am saddened by what President Trump is doing to our country, but heartened by the protest that is mounting in opposition to the hate, greed and fear being used to dominate all people.  It is important that our desire to be heard and our thoughts be uncensored and not silenced by fear and evil on both sides of the argument. We are better than that! I know it just by having blogged for 6 months that we are better than that. I will continue to write about my adventures with Callie and can only hope that good will prevail and that peace may one day be restored to this beautiful world that we ALL live in, and need to SHARE…..