My Little Diva

Callie was a stray cat that adopted me when I lived in Redlands, California and she came running over to ask me for help one day while my daughter and I walked my husband out the front door to go to work. She was quite upset and visibly stressed out when she raced through my front door and decided right then and there that she was going to stay. I was not happy about adopting a cat and I did everything possible to return her to her owner. I found out later that the family knew she was with me and did not want her. They acknowledged it a year later that she had been too difficult to raise as a kitten and kept running away. My take on it was that she was bored senseless and didn’t like being left alone and was following her young owner to school one day and got lost.

The most important thing I have learned from Callie is that boredom drives her crazy. She wants to be a part of the action and will do her best to outshine any dog in order to stay in my favor. She reminds me of my late Jack Russel, Addy who needed to be constantly stimulated and entertained. Taking her on a road trip with us is the best thing we could have done for her. While living at the beach I was able to walk with her off leash and she would follow at my heals and climb every tree we came across. In the desert, I can’t leave her side because of all the predators around; even from above!  A hawk swooped down on her a couple weeks ago and if I hadn’t clapped loudly and shouted a warning, they just might have tangled with one another. Having to keep such close tabs on her isn’t as much fun for either of us. She is a good sport about it though and has learned to trust that I am her protector. This makes it much more enjoyable when I walk with her on a leash because she doesn’t have to worry so much about danger.

Walking on the leash with a harness was fairly easy to teach her because she was already walking by my side. Going on walks with a restraint is about as fun as it gets for her because she can explore new surroundings with attitude and not have to slink from one obstacle to the next. She walks like the little diva that she is with pride and attitude. The only thing I have to worry about are dogs off leash that want to come over to investigate this unusual sight. Labs and Retrievers are usually just goofy and curious but I hope that I will never run across a more aggressive breed. She lies across my hips when I pick her up and keeps her claws retracted, but it would be quite the adventure to have to ward off an aggressive dog. I keep a close eye out in all directions while walking her in the RV parks and have yet to have an incident. I am strong and assertive with dogs and they would be wise to keep their distance.

So keep on walking and learning new things my little diva. I am so proud of her. She is a very happy, well adjusted, curious cat and I am a proud and appreciative parntner…