Tom and Frances’s catamaran- Alfresco, is a work of art. She is 38 ft long and 18 ft wide. When the wind is harnessed by the sail, she glides over the surface of the water with surge and power. The two hulls on each side of the boat keep her balanced and level so that they don’t heel from side to side. The mast is taller than the catamaran is long, and when you look up, the sail seems to billow out forever. Tom built her 41 years ago when he was only in his 20s. The lines of Alfresco are so streamlined and contemporary, you feel like you are looking at a vessel that is sailing across a vast ocean far off into the future.

We spent 3 days and 2 nights at Burgoyne Bay and walked along Saltspring Island in the morning to stretch out our stiff and achy sea legs. Callie did wonderfully and handled herself as a sea cat with grace, curiosity, and charm. This was her maiden voyage across the salty sea and I was a little nervous about her going overboard! It only takes one false move and over the rail, she would go. Michael and Tom saw her slip just once, but she landed on the deck and walked away with dignity as if it had all been planned and done on purpose! Every morning when Callie woke up, she investigated the boat with curiosity, checking out every nook and cranny in hopes that there was something new for her to discover.

After the third day, we headed back to Genoa Bay where Tom and Frances live. When we finished dropping Alfresco off at the dock alongside the float house, Tom took us back to the RV dingy. This time, Callie even sat up and peaked out over the water on our way back to the marina!

This is a gouache painting I did of Alfresco in 1985 when I was working on my BFA in drawing and painting at Cal State, Fullerton.

Burgoyne Bay & Saltspring Island

It is another smoke-filled day on Vancouver Island. There are 126 fires burning last time I checked- down from 200 earlier in the week. The temperature is warm and muggy and there is very little breeze blowing. Callie is doing exceptionally well and has taken to the catamaran as if she has done it all her life. I was somewhat worried about her going overboard last night, but she stayed close to my side and was here in the morning to tell the tale…

We have arrived!

What can I say except that Callie has taken to sailing better than I expected? We are currently anchored at Burgoyne Bay…. off of Saltspring Island.

We had a lovely evening of wine and Bob Dylan and this morning we are moving Alfresco because of low tide. You don’t want to anchor in eel grass because this is where the herring lay their eggs.

It is a beautiful morning, quiet and serene and a flock of Canadian Geese flew by information, heading out to wherever they go for the day. Frances told me that this is a flock that lives here in this particular bay. We are the guests.