Are You Asleep-Or Are Your Eyes Just Shut Tight?

We are doing it! We are flying to Huntsville, Alabama to check out our 2009 Icon Class C on Sunday. We need to first drive to Encinitas, California to drop Callie off at Holiday Pet Hotel, (and I am sure she is going to be thrilled about that) have lunch with friends, and then continue on to San Diego to stay at the Vagabond Motel for one night. Sunday morning we head to Huntsville via United Airlines and arrive at 5:30 pm. We won’t be able to check out the RV until Monday. If all goes well and the RV passes inspection, we will load up and head for California. I have never driven an RV before, but I am a quick learner, and if by chance any of my readers are out on Interstate 40, and I am within your line of vision, give me plenty of room. I will keep my fingers crossed for a safe passage. Michael and I are going to try and take turns with the driving and put in 15 hour days. It is a 1,980 mile drive and we hope to do it in 4 days….

It has been a cold and rainy day in the desert, but I love rainy days. Callie is resting up on her round bed on the hutch in the master bedroom. I have been playing with her on the tile floor with a catnip mouse, and when she is lying down and shredding it to bits, biting the tail off, and sinking her teeth into its cute little skull, I grab her by the back legs and twirl her. She refuses to let go of the mouse and gets quite the ride as she goes spinning round and round on the smooth, slick floor. I bet it makes her just a tad bit dizzy! She needs to be treated rough and tumble every day in order to rest properly, and take long naps. I must have really worn her out this morning because she is still sleeping and it is past noon.

So today is a day to pack and prepare for our journey. I won’t get out the suitcases until later because it breaks my heart to see her ill at ease. But it is also kind of fun to think of it as pay back for all the middle of the night pats I receive, to find out if I am asleep, or if my eyes are just shut tight!?

Living Life Wide Open

The advantages of being Bipolar are endless if you can control the ups and downs of life and minimize the damage it causes. Most of the time I live my life wide open and people would describe me as effervescent. I am a talented artist and photographer and I am now enjoying writing this blog about Callie and me. I knew that I was an artist even when I was a young child and can remember feeling disdain for children in kindergarten when they drew the sun in a corner with beams spread out over the page. That is not how the sun looks I thought to myself. I knew how to draw and paint and did not need art lessons. School has always been a difficult format for me to learn in, and I lack the fundamentals of english grammar for instance, but have managed to acquire a B.F.A. in drawing and painting at Cal State Fullerton when I was in my early 30’s. I had just finished giving birth to my daughter Lara, and graduated from college the year after. When Lara was born my creative outlet was painting portraits of her and I started photography about that time too. She became my muse and now that she is 30 herself and living on her own, Callie has taken her place. There isn’t a day that goes by that Callie doesn’t get her photo taken when we are together. There are days when I take 50 or more photos of her. It gets to the point where she actually glares at me if I take too many pictures and don’t spend enough quality time with her. When I dropped Callie off at Holiday Pet Hotel, I asked them if it would be possible to take a few photos of her while I was away in Maui. Today they sent me a photo of Callie in a Christmas hat and scarf. This photo is also on their Facebook page. This is the reward I get for being open and vivacious and if I may say so myself, Callie benefits from this too. You can just tell by the photo that she is use to being a diva and having her picture taken is no big deal! And you can tell that Callie is in very good hands at Holiday Pet Hotel…❤️

Left in Good Hands

Taking Callie to Holiday Pet Hotel is never an easy choice, but it is a sensible one. She is such a major part of our lives now because our daughter Lara is all grown up and living on her own. When Callie came along 5 years ago, she quickly took center stage. Her ability to charm her way into most relationships makes it easier for me to drop her off. She loves people and to engage with them and leaving her home alone would not do. Usually we take her with us if we are going on a road trip because she is such a good traveling companion, but going to Maui requires special permits which we do not have. Callie enjoys riding in the car and we headed up and over Montezuma Grade and to the coast in the afternoon. It is always a shock to leave the arid desert and find ourselves in the lush and mild climate of San Diego. We lived in Encinitas for almost 2 years before we moved to Borrego Springs a year and a half ago. I think Callie recognized where she was going about the time she could smell the ocean and she could hear all the dogs barking joyously. These dogs sound delirious with happy excitement and it is much different then when you go to the humane society or most boarding facilities for that matter.  Holiday Pet Hotel provides doggy day care and it sure sounds like these dogs are having the time of their lives! Do they run and hide when the owners come to pick them up I wonder? Callie was sitting on my lap and hanging out the car window when we arrived and I had to walk her to the back and put her in her carrier in order to take her to the front desk. She didn’t put up a fight this time and it was easier on me too. The first time I dropped her off she turned her back on me and was too frightened to look around. You could tell she was nervous and anxious and not very happy. This time she was curious and accepting of her fate. She has been here twice before and it is a familiar routine.The girls at the front desk are wonderful and they know Callie by now and that is such a comfort to me.It is up to Callie to have a good time. I hope someone takes a few photographs of her playing during her VIP sessions, (very important pet) so that we can all experience how she is doing. I don’t think it is as easy for cats to be boarded as it is for dogs, but Holiday Pet Hotel has a lovely sitting area with toys in the center of the room so that all the caged cats can watch while others play. The cages are double and triple decker and there are windows to look out of and music is playing softly in the background. It will be up to the staff to take a photo or two, but I am confident that she has been left in good hands and I can now enjoy my time in beautiful Maui. 

Holiday Pet Hotel

Guess who will be checking into Holiday Pet Hotel in Encinitas, California, You guessed right…. CALLIE

I am pretty sure that most cats don’t like to go to a kennel but in Callie’s case, she loves people so much that I think it is a better solution than having her stay by herself and asking someone to feed her. She likes to be entertained and spoiled and having someone stay at the house would be in for a rude awakening when she politely asks for a serving of her frozen kibble in the middle of the night. I explained this phenomenon in an earlier post called: Please Pass the Frozen Kibble. I will have a 30 minute playtime scheduled every day and her favorite food, Science Diet Oral Care will be provided and Callie can learn to tolerate other cats from a safe distance. 

The wonderful staff at Holiday Pet Hotel are to be congratulated on work well done. You don’t see dogs being dragged into the front office. They drag their owners by the leash and the happy barking of dogs attending day care makes you smile. Maybe I could ask them to board Callie with the dogs!? Now, that would be an interesting twist. Callie loves dogs but I am afraid most dogs would love to chase her.

We will return in 2 weeks to update you on her stay. I will ask the staff to take photographs of her playing if they have the time and then I will share them with my readers…