Jalama State Beach 

We left Tuesday afternoon for Jalama State Beach in Lompoc, California and arrived at 7:30 pm. The flowers along the roadside were spectacular. I think the yellow blossoms are mustard grass, which is an invasive species, never the less, it was extraordinary to see all the green and yellow! We were able to obtain a lovely beach front camp site right on the water. The winds have picked up throughout the week and yesterday was somewhat miserable. Today we decided to BBQ first thing this morning so that we could avoid the strong winds that are predicted again today. 

Jalama State Beach is renowned for high surf and windsurfing. Last evening we watched 4 windsurfers jump through the air and fly over the water and ride 8 ft waves. It was like watching a surfing movie. They were obviously pros. The humpback whales are also doing their spring migration back to Alaska from Mexico, and are breaching right out front of the camp site.

Callie has made all kinds of new friends, and loves to watch Michael work on the BBQ. There are starlings here who mob her when we are out walking, but I shoo them away with my arms. They are quite brazen and pick on her mercilessly. Her cough has returned, so we are medicating her with antibiotics again and can only hope for the best. It doesn’t seem to get her down though.

This morning we went for a walk to the far southern point, and tomorrow we head to Morro Bay. We are having quite the adventure and I am looking forward to hooking up with my sister Elizabeth in Los Osos….

Alongside the 101 going north near Ventura