Day 2- Sunday 1/15/17

Today is actually my second day of travel, but leaving San Diego by airplane is more exciting than yesterday and dropping Callie off at Holiday Pet Hotel. She turned her back on me in her carrier and was not pleased about being left, but she was a good sport and the staff treat her very well.

Michael and I made it to San Diego Airport in plenty of time and sat around for an hour and a half before early boarding was starting. Right as we headed to the front of the line because of Michael’s  hand in a splint, we heard Michael’s name over the intercom to return to the check in counter (he had left something there). He disappeared around the corner while I watched our early boarding advantage evaporate. I waited anxiously for his return as the entire plane boarded but us. When he finally came limping back to the terminal, we were literally the very last people to get on the airplane. Michael had misplaced his boarding pass after he was handed his debit card; we had left it in the kiosk… and he had to go through the whole process all over again. He was hot and exhausted when we finally settled into our seats, but we were happy to have made it on the plane before it took off.

Settling in, we were separated by an interesting gentleman who was watching Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev on his cell phone and reading the actual orchestral score while his hands were playing an imaginary piano. How often does one get to sit next to someone doing that!? Both Michael and I started up a quick conversation with him and found out he was a pianist but had never learned to read music. He could play anything by ear, classical, jazz, you name it, but couldn’t read musical notation. He said you could get the gist of what was going on with the cartoon by holding the score in front of you and watching the animation unfold on the screen. I thought that was worthy of a story right then and there. Maybe I should be one of those writers that keep pencil and paper on hand for jotting down thoughts and enlightenments as they come to me. I can’t do that though because my handwriting has deteriorated so much from injuries. I am just going to have to remember what happenes until the end of the day and then tap it out on the phone. This is the modern day version of paper and pencil… Such amazing technology….

We arrived at Huntsville at 5:30 pm and are settled into our hotel room and ready to go out for a light dinner. Meeting with Vivian, the RV sales rep tomorrow at 9. What an interesting day of day 2 of our adventure.