Little Up-Chuck

We have run out of CBD oil for Callie and her separation anxiety intensified the other day while we were out hiking to Box Lake in Mammoth and she threw up several times waiting for our return. Our daughter Lara is visiting us for a week in the RV and Callie absolutely adores her. Having all three of us gone for most of the day was just too much for her and she up-chucked on the rugs and on her bed.

When we returned, I cleaned up several piles and we spent extra time comforting her and devised a plan to wear her out by taking her with us the next day to Mono Lake, Lee Vining, Saddlebag Lake and Tioga Pass. It has been very hot in Mammoth though and she wasn’t exactly thrilled with the heat, but she enjoyed the outing nevertheless and loves hanging out the window of the car at low speeds in order to feel the wind in her face.

The first stop was to Mono Lake in hopes of capturing some migratory birds for wildlife photography, but we couldn’t get close enough to get any decent shots in. We did see an Osprey perched on a far off tufa pile, two Avocets feeding along the distant shoreline, a White Pelican, and multiple seagulls, none of which were worth shooting. Callie stayed in the car in the shade for our boardwalk hike to the shoreline, but because the lake had receded so far, we turned around after a short outing with nothing but memories to rely on.

After Mono Lake we headed up the pass but turned around before the entrance to Yosemite because the park is closed to the public unless you have a reservation due to COVID-19. We tried for 4 hours to sign up on the first day of August but were not able to get in. Saddlebag Lake was next on the agenda but they are working on the dam and the water level was super low. Callie managed to find some shade along a rock wall while we had a picnic of sorts and she met a fine young lady named Lily who had a cat back in Las Vegas named Jasmine. Callie let Lily sit next to her and Lily was able to pet Callie’s soft fur and share her story about Jasmine with us. So in spite of the many detours and changes of plan, our day was still a resounding success because Callie was worn out and slept through the night.

The secret to Callie’s mental health is to include her in as many activities as is possible, but to not over do it in the heat. If we can make her feel a part of the overall plan, there are plenty of times she would rather stay home and sleep and let us do our exploring on our own.

Callie and Lily!

Another Great Escape!

We did it! Callie, Michael and I managed to load up the RV yesterday in 110-degree weather and flee from the heat in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. As much as we love the desert, it is close to impossible to enjoy when the heat cranks up into triple digits.

The drive was uneventful and Callie took it upon herself to help with the navigation by taking her place on the dash and being co-pilot. The higher we got in elevation, the happier we all became. Made it to Shady Rest at 8:00 after a very long drive of at least 9 hours. So excited to be among the pines and the cool fresh air.

Off Road Biking & One Tuckered Out Cat

It is beautiful here in Mammoth. The sky is cloudless and the sunshine just bright and warm enough to add color and light. Michael and I went off road biking after introducing Fred to some road biking around Shady Rest Campground beforehand. Fred bought a new bicycle yesterday and it is a beauty. We did some test riding and then left him back at the Campground to rest. The altitude takes some getting use to and we have been doing some hill work.

I would have to say that off road biking is about as good as it gets. It reminds me of horseback riding with just a hint of danger if you get caught in deep sand, or you run over a rock. I haven’t been thrown yet, but know it is inevitable. One minute you are speeding along, and the next minute you are stopped mid-track. We were able to bike on some well maintained logging trails that were shaded by massive pine trees and carpeted with pine needles. We did a loop around the Campground and it took us maybe 45 minutes. At one point we biked along an airplane and helicopter strip that must be used for emergency plane landings or for the forest fire service. 

Callie had a long walk this morning and I would have to say that it was her best walk yet! She turns when I whistle and when I tug gently on the leash. She also walks at a pretty good clip. She has gotten the hang of it and enjoys seeing the sights. She doesn’t seem to smell everything like a dog does, but rather stops and stares and then stops to stare some more. Her eyesight is more dominant and she uses her eyes more than her nose. Our walks are lasting at least 30 minutes now and when she is tired she lies down and lets me know she has had enough. I couldn’t ask for a better RV pet companion. She is so tuckered out that I think I will pass on the bike ride with her in the basket today. We can do another walk later in the day.

I thought Morro Bay was the best place to bike after Anza Borrego in the winter…. But I have to say that Mammoth in the summer is about as good as it gets. It is a very bike friendly town. I am so appreciative that we have stayed put and can hang out until Monday morning. We are just now beginning to explore the bike and hiking trails and I much prefer it to road biking. I don’t like biking around cars. Two more full days of biking and enjoying ourselves at New Shady Rest Campground and then on to Convict Lake. I got a call back from the host and he said we will be able to have our pick of campsites after Father’s Day weekend…..

Day 2: Mammoth Lakes

The second day of our road trip, we introduced Callie to the art of walking on the leash and harness. It is one thing to walk a dog, but it’s a totally different experience with a cat. At first you need to allow them to get use to the confines of a halter. Once they stop dropping and folding up into the fetal position, they actually ignore the harness and can be followed with the leash kept loose. It didn’t take long for Callie to realize that the fun and excitement of new experiences could be made all the more pleasurable by feeling safe and protected. When Callie is concerned about her safety, she looks up at me and, if I am calm and curious, so is she…  Now Callie enjoys up to a 3 mile hike.