Devils Elbow State Park

Michael, Callie and I stayed at Honeyman State Campground in Oregon last night and we had a private site with nice neighbors to the left of us. They recommended that we try out Beverly Beach next. Callie was able to get in a couple of short walks, but the dogs were large and numerous. It made her feel just a little uncomfortable so we didn't go far from the campsite.

This morning we got up early and broke camp so that we could get to Beverly State Beach Campground with a hope of acquiring a campsite without a reservation. Most people that we meet when we pull into our camp are astonished that we didn't reserve a site 9 months ago like they did. We are winging it for sure and so far we have had good luck.

On the drive north on the 101, we took a short excursion over to the Heceta Head Lighthouse. As you pull into Devil's Elbow Beach, you pass underneath a bridge that looks just like a Roman Aqueduct. It is beautiful to look at and the design is flawless.

Walking to the lighthouse is a short 1/2 mile each direction and it is a working lighthouse to this day. The lighthouse uses a fresnel lens which was created in 1822 and it captures the beam of light by keeping the light waves from dispersing into a fan shape by cuts in the glass which redirects the beam and bends it back in the same direction. The light beam is very bright and intense. The reason it is called Devil's Elbow Park is obvious when you walk down to the beach. The rocks are treacherous and jut way out into the sea. Many a sailing ship would have crashed on these rocks if it weren't for the lighthouse.

We are now waiting in a parking lot to find out if we can get a campsite at Beverly Beach State Park. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Sorry to say that we didn't get a campsite and are moving northward again:)
Friday's are always the most difficult day of the week to find camp sites available during high season.