Enough About Me-What Do You Think Of Me?

Not having Callie around to write about has drawn attention to myself. I had no idea how therapeutic writing would be for me and have always resisted keeping a journal or diary. Who wants to read about themselves day in and day out? The benefits of writing down your thoughts though, is that you can keep an eye on your moods and when you start to go down, hopefully you will be aware of it. I have yet to figure out what exactly triggers a downward spiral, but I am going to start being vigilant. 

I haven’t painted in over a year because the move out to the desert from the coast has been a difficult transition for me. I love the solitude and quiet of the desert, but it is so far away from civilization that it makes daily life a little more challenging. You can’t just run to the store for groceries, shopping, seeing the dentist, visitng the doctor, etc. Leaving town requires planning and an itinerary to go by. You can’t be impulsive because it is a 2 hour drive to somewhere else.

We had to renovate the house when we moved and my studio is not quite up to par compared to what I am use to. I am off of the kitchen, which is a good thing, but the living room and kitchen are one big room and I feel too exposed. I will have to adjust though in order to create again. I also get too high when I paint. Photography and writing don’t seem to give me the same high that painting does. That is a good thing for me. I need a steady dose of middle of the road energy to thrive. There is a price to pay for creating artwork and becoming too manic!

I am curious as to what the next year will be for me. My goal is to do a road trip with Michael and Callie. Callie is so much fun to travel with because she is so open and curious about every little thing in life. She looks to me for protection and if I am doing well, she marches forward without a thought. When I took Callie around Convict Lake in Mammoth and a pack of horses clomped by, Callie just stepped aside with me and watched them in amazement. She had never seen a horse before that I am aware of. It is so much fun to experience these little adventures and see them through the eyes of a cat.

So for now, I have decided to post some of my paintings and photographs so that I can look back on my artwork and appreciate all that I have created. I was very prolific and may one day be again. Writing and photography will have to suffice for now.