The Gentle Art of Origami- A Tribute to Debra, Diane and Tracey

When my daughter Lara visited over the Christmas holiday, and when we weren’t chasing Pokémon “items” all over town, she chose to spend some quiet time creating origami cranes. “Traditionally, it was believed that if one folded 1000 origami cranes, one’s wish would come true.” It is also the symbol of hope and healing during challenging times. I lost a dear friend to an automobile accident several weeks ago. Diane D’Aoust was the life partner to Debra Anne Roberts and a memorial service is being held this Saturday. I would like to dedicate these 4 cranes that Lara created to Tracy, the daughter, and to Debra, Diane’s life partner. I can’t begin to imagine the pain and suffering they must be going through, but I can reach out to comfort them and offer them hope and healing during a very challenging time.

When you work with paper products, and especially when tape or plastic are involved, you can bet your bottom dollar that Callie will be right by your side investigating what you are doing and trying to get in on the action. You practically have to push her nosey little self out of the way because she is just so damn curious. If she hears the sound of tape ripping, she goes bananas. It has made painting a difficult process for me because I either have to lock her out of the studio, or lock myself in the studio and listen to her howls of anguish. I have turned to photography and writing to find a way to create that doesn’t grab her attention. I can quietly work on my iPad and she is, and I am, no worse for the wear. But Lara had to endure her bossiness while trying to create the cranes and it was so comical to watch. There wasn’t an artistic fold of paper that didn’t go unnoticed, and Lara had to put up with Callie’s unwanted participation. 

I will place these cranes in a lovely box and present them to two beautiful women when I see them at the memorial service. Debra and Tracy, I Look forward to shedding some light and levity to an otherwise unbearable situation. Thinking of you both and sending you my love…..