This is a photographic compilation of some of my travels, not all with Callie, but with Michael for sure. He has been quite supportive all these years. He bought me a Polaroid camera when my daughter Lara was born 32 years ago, and I haven’t stopped since!

Our Stay in Morro Bay

We have been in Morro Bay for almost a week already, but I haven’t been able to post because I ran out of storage space and needed to register again. I love blogging but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I spoke with my daughter who said I should upload my videos to YouTube because they are taking up too much space, and the support guy from WordPress named Kevin Jones, recommended I create a website with unlimited storage but would cost more money. My daughter had the more sensible solution, for now, I am only blogging for pleasure and it isn’t a business, so keeping it fun and simple wins out.

Morro Bay has been beautiful and it actually rained today which will hopefully help with the Thomas Fire in Santa Barbara. It has been raging for over 2 weeks now and is the largest wildfire in the history of California. It breaks my heart to see so many homes lost and forests scorched and burned to the ground.

Michael, Fred and I have been biking every day and biking in Morro Bay is just so fabulous. The trails are well marked and when you are forced to be on the road, the drivers are very respectful. Yesterday, we biked all the way to Cayucos from our campsite at Cypress Morro Bay RV Park and walked out onto the pier. We also biked to the Rock, to the high school, and then over to the Preserve and The Strand. It was a fabulous bike ride and all three of us enjoyed it very much.

Earlier in the week, my brother in law joined us and the four of us stayed out most of the morning, and well past the early afternoon. There are so many places to eat along the Embarcadero, and you can watch the otters as they groom themselves and the pelicans while they dive for fish. Just park your bike right alongside you as you enjoy a meal of delicious fish and chips outdoors in the golden sunshine.

I recommend Bike Shop Morro Bay for any of your biking needs. Dave is very helpful and considerate, and Michael ended up buying me a Raleigh mountain bike because my Marin was too large for me. Fred has a Stump-jumper and we are all equally matched now. Michael will try out the Marin for awhile to see if it suits him and I just love the Raleigh. It is fun for me to bike with Fred and Michael. Who would have ever thought I would be biking with 2 guys?

Tomorrow we are leaving for Pinnacles National Park and it is supposed to be gorgeous there too. Fred is our official guide and Callie adores him. It is working out wonderfully and caravanning is perfect. If any of us gets into trouble- we have each other’s back.

Blowin’ in the Wind

Michael and I are starting to suspect that the wind is following us. I don’t mean to sound paranoid, but really, everywhere we have gone lately, it has been windy. We thought we were going to leave the wind behind when we left Borrego Springs. Well the answer my friend, is blown’ in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind- Bob Dylan.

We had another fabulous bike ride to Morro Strand State Beach this morning, and I love biking here. Even with it blowing like crazy, it is still beautiful out. The bike path borders the Snowy Plover nesting grounds and the sand dunes are protected too. You can only view the wildlife from a distance, and you cannot walk on the dunes at all in protected areas. The Snowy Plover lays her eggs in the sand and this has worked pretty good for them up until humans came along and trampled over their nests and crushed their eggs. It is only recently that the birds have been granted protected status during nesting season, but it is hoped that they will have a come back and flourish once again. They are so adorable to watch flitting and darting across the shoreline. Their legs appear to spin in a circle like a wheel because they run so fast. It would be an incredible loss if these birds chose to avoid our shorelines; or even worse, became extinct.

In spite of the wind, we managed to make it to Morro Strand and back with stops along the way to take photographs. The wind was howling and the sand was spraying and pelting me in the face when I tried to shoot a short video. You can hear the wind in the background and the camera is not being held steady because I am being buffeted so hard. Morro Rock looks so incredible from the north side and I love the way the dunes are patterned by the wind. The iceplant has adapted to cling to the sand, hunker down low, and conserve water in its leaves. All and all, it is an amazing sight to behold. I love the coastline as it becomes more and more wild the further north you travel. There are less people on the beach because it is too cold out for sunbathing. This leaves the shoreline less crowded with people and the wildlife left alone, to be wild…..

Another View of Morro Rock

Morro Bay has recently developed an awesome bike path that can be used to view the rock from another vantage point. The city is also restoring acre upon acre of  dunes alongside the shoreline, and native plants are once again being allowed to grow undisturbed by the trampling of many feet. The snowy plover is hanging on in protected areas as is the beautiful black oyster catcher, cormorants and sandpipers. Humans have had a detrimental impact on this gorgeous planet, but it feels good to see something good being done. The otters are making a comeback and the seals too.  The seals and otters eat fish and this has had a major impact on the fisherman. They view these fish eating mammals as competition. Introducing sushi to the world has dramatically increased the consumption of fish. I love to eat sushi, but am trying to have it only on special occasions because as consumers of seafood, we are having a negative impact on healthy levels of fish in the ocean. It is so tricky to find a good balance in life. Seeing so many people out biking, jogging and walking, rather than driving around in a car is a good start. I had a wonderful bike ride this morning. The temperature was fresh and brisk with a slight breeze, and it was perfect weather for all the hill work you must do in Morro Bay, to get from one spot to the next.

Morro Rock

The rock in the middle of Morro Bay is actually a volcanic plug, or neck of an ancient volcano. It is located just off shore from the bay, and is the best known of the nine sisters of San Luis Obispo. Morro Rock is home to seals and gulls with starlings that rush by in large flocks that fly in unison, and look like smoke from a distance. You can hear the fog horn at night, and the shrieking of seagulls and barking of seals in the daytime. Morro Rock is a State Historic Landmark that was formed about 23 million years ago. It has the nickname of the Gibraltar of the Pacific, and is formidable to look at. This evening after a lovely day of visiting with my sister and brother in law, I rushed down at sunset to take photographs. The colors were molten with people milling about and the otters were back in the harbor grooming themselves, and sleeping contentedly. Otters have to constantly groom in order to keep their luscious fur waterproof. It was a lovely evening and I was glad I ran out to take photographs. Callie of course was more than willing to help me write my blog at the end of the day.