August 11: Trout Lake and Goldendale, Washington

We reluctantly left Yakima on the 11th of August and headed to Trout Lake, Washington early in the morning. We wanted to check out Mount Adams, which is another gorgeous peak, but not as popular as Mount Rainier. We thought we could see it in one day and then head to Mount Saint Helen’s, but it took much longer to get there than we had expected. Mount Adam’s unfortunately, has experienced a fair amount of wildfires, so we didn’t actually hike to the peak, but instead  took photographs from Trout Lake.  Because of the amount of time it took to get there, we ended up spending the night at the Goldendale Lodge and had a private cabin called: The Wild Rose, all to ourselves. The proprietor was very excited about 550 women motorcyclists that were expected to arrive the next day for a retreat. No men allowed… I would have liked to have seen that, 550 women on Harley’s roaring into the serene campground, but we could only spend one night.  We had a great time at the lodge and it was clean and neat and I heard many coyotes yapping during the night. And except for the symphony of howling coyotes, it was very quiet and far enough off the road . Trout Lake is not a lake anymore but a wildlife sanctuary and grassy wetlands. Apparently, silt has blocked up and partially filled the lake, never the less, it is still a beautiful place to visit. I was able to walk out into the water in order to take photographs and the view of Mount Adam’s reflecting off the still water was ideal for taking a good picture. There is also a well maintained trail that has nice views of the mountain too.

Leaving Yakima- A great way to pack a cat!
View of Mount Adams
Trout Lake

Goldendale Lodge- Wild Rose Cabin