Mountain Lion Sighting at Big Lagoon

When Callie and I went on our morning walk, we decided to examine the sign about the mountain lion sighting at Big Lagoon in Trinidad, California. It apparently was all the way back in June, but the signs are everywhere.

Mountain lions are rare along the coast and I can only imagine the poor, lone lion trying to eek out a territory and finding enough to eat. It really breaks my heart how difficult it is for large predators to find a way to survive with humans as neighbors. We take over everything and expect them to keep their distance and stay invisible.

I am not sure what the solution is, and I wouldn't want to run into a mountain lion at dawn or dusk, but my sympathies lie with the mountain lion.

Callie had a fun walk this morning and gathers a crowd wherever she goes. People want to share with me their cat stories and most want to know how I was able to train her to walk on the leash! It took awhile and I always suggest that you start the training by leaving the harness on for longer and longer periods of time. Once they get use to the harness, attempt to follow them around with the leash. Eventually they get the hang of it if all goes well. Not all cats are suitable for leash walking though. They have to be very curious and trust that you will take care of them if trouble arises. Callie knows I would do everything in my power to keep her safe….