Another View of Morro Rock

Morro Bay has recently developed an awesome bike path that can be used to view the rock from another vantage point. The city is also restoring acre upon acre of  dunes alongside the shoreline, and native plants are once again being allowed to grow undisturbed by the trampling of many feet. The snowy plover is hanging on in protected areas as is the beautiful black oyster catcher, cormorants and sandpipers. Humans have had a detrimental impact on this gorgeous planet, but it feels good to see something good being done. The otters are making a comeback and the seals too.  The seals and otters eat fish and this has had a major impact on the fisherman. They view these fish eating mammals as competition. Introducing sushi to the world has dramatically increased the consumption of fish. I love to eat sushi, but am trying to have it only on special occasions because as consumers of seafood, we are having a negative impact on healthy levels of fish in the ocean. It is so tricky to find a good balance in life. Seeing so many people out biking, jogging and walking, rather than driving around in a car is a good start. I had a wonderful bike ride this morning. The temperature was fresh and brisk with a slight breeze, and it was perfect weather for all the hill work you must do in Morro Bay, to get from one spot to the next.