Tit for Tat!

I have to give Callie credit for being a pain in the ass when it comes to her bed. As soon as I think I have it figured out, she changes the dynamics. And you have to admit that she is pretty darn smart about it and has opinions all her own. For instance, I have a lovely fleece blanket that Callie won’t step foot on. Her lip will curl and she will leap off of the blanket if you dare to place her feet on top of it. The look that crosses her face is an expression of, “who skinned a cat and made a blanket out of it?” She can’t stand to have her paws so much as touch it! If I have any luck with her at all, it is because I turn the blanket inside out. And as for her very expensive, upgraded, Kong bed………. she will not spend more than a couple of nights inside this luscious, comfortable, homey, bed that comes equipped with a lookout window, front door and an adorable feather toy dangling from the entranceway. Recently, I moved her bed away from the master bedroom hutch to the grand piano in the living room. This made her happy for awhile because she could watch us watching TV and be a part of the action. She would climb into her comfy bed and peer out at us in a blissful state of sleepiness. But now, she takes one long look at the bed, gets up on top of the roof and flattens it down and then makes herself at home by resting in a not very comfortable looking position. It seems crazy to me, but to Callie, the satisfaction of doing this obviously outways the comfort of being inside resting on a luxurious, super fluffy, pure white, downy mattress. I have even gone so far as to sprinkled catnip on the mattress. She will go inside just long enough to search out the catnip, and when she is finished getting high, she climbs back up on top of the roof and plops herself down in a heap. I spent a lot of money on this bed! It doesn’t look good flattened out like a pancake. So when Callie isn’t looking, I sneak back over and push the roof back up so that she is forced to flatten the roof back down all over again. At least I have the satisfaction of making it a little more difficult for her in return for her rejection of my luxury bed. Tit for Tat is what works for us. We must have more in common than we realize. She takes pleasure in flattening the roof down and I take an equal amount of pleasure in straightening it back up!