Homeward Stretch

We are returning south to Anza- Borrego Desert State Park on Friday and will stay in Morro Bay for a couple of nights before heading to Malibu. Lara, our daughter has a job interview with Interpret LLC on Friday and we thought it best to fit it in on the way back instead of having her drive back to Los Angeles. She met the president of the company when she was at the GDC18 in San Fransisco and will now get an interview with his company. He checked out her resume when they met with her friend, Laura, and found it very interesting. Lara is fluent in Japanese and moderately so in Mandarin and we think that and her math and computer skills along with music and art put her in good standing for this marketing firm.

The drive from Pillar Point to Morro Bay was spectacular and the North and Central California coastline are experiencing a super-bloom. We walked down to the marina last night and checked out the herons that fish along the rocky shore and on the dockside and watched the sunset. Callie loves it here and sits by her personal heater in order to stay warm. We always walk down to the rock and bike over toward Cayucos. It is bright and sunny out but very chilly. There is a warming trend developing and no rain in sight. What a wonderful couple of weeks we have had.


We are heading south to Morro Bay again on the return voyage to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. The sun has come out and will be shinning the entire week. I for one, loved all the rain we got but the RV and towels are beginning to smell just a tad bit of mildew. Mold and mildew are a constant concern in RV’s so when we get to Cypress RV Park we will need to do a load of wash and open up all the windows and doors to air the place out.

In the meantime, Callie assisted Lara on the computer and Lara is completely brain dead after the game developers conference. She can hardly move or think clearly and there is a special name for it- confunk! These gamers are a geeky bunch for sure. She met a lot of awesome people and exchanged about 50 business cards from all over the world and the conference was a big success. Now she has to find the right job!

Callie is spending the morning in her favorite spot up in the loft where she has a fabulous view and the sunshine pours over her and warms her body. As soon as the engine starts up though, she will jump down to her rightful place on the dash.

Shit Hawks

Excuse my language, but these birds OF the sea are aptly called by my brother, who also lives ON the sea, “shit hawks!” They poop everywhere and mob the migratory hawks and ospreys that make a living hunting from the air, and in many respects, they are just plain thugs and mobsters.

I walked over to the marina at Pillar Point and saw these seagulls landing on parked cars and on the tops of pilings and decided that I would attempt to take photographs of them while dodging the loads they unleashed in their attempt to shit on me. I have seen them shit on picnickers, myself included, that makes you get up and run and then they dive bomb your food and steal it away. A woman who had purchased fish and chips in Morro Bay and had rested her goodies on the top of her car before she climbed inside, had 10 or more birds attack the bag before she could do a thing about it. She drove away in disgust and the seagulls got a free meal.

I was able to capture one seagull in action unloading a dump and my experiment worked. I proved my point and the seagulls did exactly what I thought they were going to do. Thank goodness I was on to their game and kept a close eye on them while filming their antics. They are beautiful in flight never the less, and as long as they don’t poop on me, I will appreciate the power of their wings and the grace with which they take to the sky.