An Update on Anza Borrego Desert State Park

I am sitting here in my warm dry house and it is pouring out. Callie is all curled up in a tight little ball in a rocking chair. The rain started this morning and it is predicted to last the rest of the day. This is absolutely perfect for the wildflowers. Sunshine will come again tomorrow and will last all week. I can’t wait to take photographs of Henderson Canyon, Glorieta Canyon and Coyote Canyon. This should be a spectacular spring. Photos to come ASAP….

Storm Watch in the Desert

Yesterday I shared my hopes that the storm inland, would bring rain to the parched Anza Borrego Desert. I got my wish! We received torrential rain and heart stopping thunder and lightening toward evening. I wonder how the bighorn sheep managed in the storm?  I have read about whole herds of reindeer dying from a lightening strike, and this storm brought a lot of lightening that hit the ground with brilliant flashes of light! You could see the silhouette of mountains and palm trees for a just a second and then all would go black again. It only lasted for a couple of hours but the sky opened up and rain poured from the heavens. We had a power outage too which made the evening even more dramatic and memorable. Callie was outside right before the storm hit and one particular crack of thunder was so loud that the house shook. Callie didn’t even flinch. That surprises me because my Jack Russel Terrier, Miss Adelaide, was so frightened of thunder and lightening, she would have taken off and hidden in the closet underneath the clothes and trembled for hours. I went on a bike ride this morning and didn’t see any damage from the storm. The desert sand absorbed most of the water and there was no apparent serious runoff or flash flooding. I will keep an eye out for the bighorn sheep and for changes in the desert flora. This storm will bring much wanted relief after the long, hot and dry summer.



Calm after the storm… morning has broken!