This is a photographic compilation of some of my travels, not all with Callie, but with Michael for sure. He has been quite supportive all these years. He bought me a Polaroid camera when my daughter Lara was born 32 years ago, and I haven’t stopped since!

Avenue of the Giants

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Burlington Campground X2

Michael, Callie and I stayed at the Burlington Grove Campground during the summer months, right before the disastrous drive over to Albee Creek. Albee Creek was a disaster because RV’s weren’t recommended on the pothole filled drive over to the campground, and the sign stating as such was spot on. We lost a hubcap and later had a flat tire and the cabinets in the RV came loose from the wall. This story is about Burlington though, and Burlington is a lovely campground.

We biked over to the Founder’s Grove yesterday and walked among the ancient redwoods. 98% of the redwoods were cut down before a group of environmentalists in 1932 stepped in and questioned the sanity of chopping down all these beautiful trees. Thank goodness for the foresight of these individuals.

Callie loves the big trees and keeps looking up in bewilderment at how to go about climbing one of these giants. She settled for hopping up on stumps instead. That just doesn’t seem so formidable to her. She also got to meet a lovely young boy by the name of Ocean who had to give up his kitten because his landlady was mean and he was very sad about it. Callie comforted him and I told Ocean when he grows up, he must remember Callie and rescue a cat just like Callie was rescued of his own. His whole face lit up at the idea and he walked away just a little happier than before. It kind of looked like his family had fallen on hard times and may have been living in their car. Ocean told me he had been very cold last night. What a sweet, smart and well mannered young boy he was.

The photo below shows a redwood that fell down in a storm and the inner rings date back to 920 AD.

The redwoods of today are ancestors to even more ancient redwoods that dominated the planet during the time of dinosaurs. We, humans, have only been around for a blink of an eye, but we have already destroyed over 98% of these majestic creatures. How is that possible? I love these trees and feel so honored to have had the opportunity to camp below them twice now in one year. Who knows when or if a fire will consume them before I have a chance again? I can only hope that our current political administration will come to their senses and find value in our natural resources too- before it is too late!

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Good Morning California Quail

Callie and I woke up to a covey of quail clicking and squeaking their delight about some kind of food made available from our next door neighbor. I don’t think anything was deliberately left out, but they found something that struck their fancy. I counted at least 20 birds pecking away right below the driver’s seat. Callie had a front row view and contributed to the overall mayhem by making little squeaky sounds of the delight of her own.

We are going to attempt to drive up to Eureka and check out the redwoods in spite of the unhealthy air quality. We are being besieged by fires all up and down the California coast and Callie has started to cough again. There are at least 17 fires burning this morning. They were somewhat contained on Tuesday, but dry winds have picked up again and fanned the flames. The smoke and ash are everywhere. I feel so sorry for California and the people and animals affected by this tragedy. I must admit that the coastal trees and grasslands look dry and unhealthy. Perfect conditions for wildfires.

For now, enjoying the quail below the window will have to do. These birds look healthy and happy and are relishing a lovely morning before all the campers wake up.

On the Road to Crescent City

This morning we headed north to Crescent City after leaving Big Lagoon so that we could get a little shopping done and pick up some more cat food for Callie. She is on a steroid and her appetite is wolffish….

Driving through the redwoods, we stopped off to visit the corkscrew tree and were totally impressed. It looks like three trees have joined together in an elaborate twist to keep themselves safe. I created a short video of it. The forest was much more lush and filled with super big trees and the forest floor was solid with ferns.

When we got into Crescent City and finished shopping at Safeway, we happened to notice that the right back tires where the hubcap was lost, were going flat. Apparently the valve was completely ripped off and we have been driving with an inner flat tire for quite some time. We check them religiously with our eyes, but must get into the habit of actually checking the pressure with a gage. *

Fortunately we visited a Les Schwab and they are going to check it out later today. We are currently parked in The Shoreline RV Park and will be able to spend the night.

Such are the adventures of travels with Callie. She loves driving on the dash and watching the world go by at 60 mph.

When bad things happen…..BLOG❤️😍👍

* The valve was completely ripped off but the tire is still good. If you ever need a new tire- Les Schwab is the best!