A Trip to the Vet

In early March, Callie was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, and was put on an antibiotic. She improved for a short period of time, but it came back when we headed up north on our Travels with Callie, RV adventure. Michael and I did not want to take her to an emergency clinic last Friday, so we waited over the weekend because we were able to schedule an appointment for Monday at 1:45. ER Clinics are so stressful and crowded, and Callie actually likes going to the doctor. She loves being the center of attention and pampered, so I didn’t want to ruin that for her by going to an emergency room. She didn’t get worse over the weekend, but she also didn’t improve. Callie was examined by Dr. Duane D. Stephens, at Coast Veterinary Clinic, in Morro Bay, and it was determined that she still has an infection. He was impressed with her oral hygiene and I let him know that when we first adopted her, she needed to have her teeth cleaned because her gums were so infected. She was then combed for fleas, and she did not have one, itty bitty flea on her! After examing her, Dr. Stephens felt that she might not have been given enough antibiotic to get rid of the infection in the first place. He did a thorough exam and was so polite and gentle with her. She in return acted like a sweet little princess, and behaved herself too! “He commented that her breed, a (short haired calico) is known for having opinionated, sassy attitudes, and rarely are they easy to work with.” “I of course  beamed like the proud handler that I am.” I have worked with Callie tirelessly on social behavior, and she has responded with intelligence and curiosity. She wants to have a good time, and enjoys all the positive attention she gets with being petted and praised for her beauty and good manners. She seems to know that she is sweet and very pretty and waits for everyone to come running over to her. When you look at the photographs below, you will see that her eyes are wide open, and that she is a little concerned, but she does her best to be brave. Dr. Stephen’s assistant gave her a shot and told us to check in with him before we head back south. He has a back up plan if she is still coughing when we leave Morro Bay on Friday. I feel very good about the diagnosis. We were concerned it was a chronic condition like asthma or allergies. Yay for modern medicine and for good and kind veterinarians…..