The Palm Springs Art Museum

There is nothing quite like celebrating my 61st birthday for five days in a row. I had my sister, Gayle, visit for three days before my birthday, my husband, Michael, spoiled me on my birthday and yesterday we drove to Palm Springs to check out the Wild West Art Exhibition at the Palm Springs Art Museum.  This museum was founded in 1938, and is a regional art, natural science and performing arts institution. The current show is western art, and cowboys, indians and desert scenes are the dominant subject matter. Artists like N.C. Wyeth and Remington showcased the event. I happen to really appreciate desert landscape painting and hope to one day dabble in plein-air landscapes of Anza Borrego in the near future. It would be something I could do when I start a road trip with MIchael and Callie and the RV we are saving up for. Lara, my daughter, joined us for the day and I was very impressed with the exhibit and museum in general. It has fabulous, easy on the eyes lighting and the wood floors are kind on the feet and joints for us senior and soon to be senior citizens. The 3rd floor has a funny elderly couple that sit at the top of the stairs looking drearily out over an exhibit of modern art, and when you reach the top floor yourself, you walk right past them slightly out of breath. You are careful not to disturb them and so veer to the left and it isn’t until you round the corner and walk past them the second time, that you realize that they are part of the exhibit. I have been fooled twice now. The Palm Springs Art Museum has something for everyone. I loved the whimsical stacked plates, interactive blown glass sculptures and all the displays in general. It is a clean and well lit museum and just big enough to make you feel like you are getting your money’s worth without becoming exhausted. We missed the outdoor sculpture exhibit because we had arrived late in the day and the museum closes at 5. I will have to come back another time to check it out. It is well located in downtown Palm Springs at 101 N Museum Drive.