Please Pass the Frozen Kibble!

When I first adopted Callie, she had this unusual habit of coming up to you and tapping you on the arm to get your attention. She would then sit down and close her eyes and begin a demonic chew that was really quite disturbing. She started this with my daughter Lara, and graduated to me. Attempting to read her particular style of language seemed easy if you understood that she was hungry and asking for food. I have video taped this habit of hers and it is really quite hilarious. Her eyes are tightly closed  and she tilts her head back and begins to chew rapidly. She will stop after a moment and then open her eyes and look into your eyes to see if you are smart enough to understand her. If you get up to feed her, she bounces along behind you in a joy oh joy dance. She is a tiny little cat, maybe only 8 pounds, and prefers to eat every 4 hours or so and only consumes 4 or 5 kibble at a time. To get back to the demonic chew brings me back to the story line, which is, “please pass the frozen kibble!” When Callie would open her mouth to chew, her breathe would knock you over. Her previous owners must have given her a steady diet of canned cat food. She had terrible gum disease for such a young cat and I was forced to take her to the vet to have her examined. To my surprise, Callie loved going to see the doctor and enjoyed being the center of attention. The examination did reveal that she had terribly infected  gums and she needed to have her teeth professionally cleaned. The vet said that eating only canned food was like having a steady diet of Milky Way or Snicker chocolate bars and he put her on Science Diet, Oral Care Dry Cat Food. After her teeth were cleaned and because I was keeping her on a diet of dry kibble, I started to put the food in the freezer to keep it fresh. Because she is so dainty and feminine about eating and is very picky about it being fresh, she has taken a preference to eating it frozen. To watch her eat these large round chunks of frozen kibble is to watch someone trying to crack open a jawbreaker. It takes serious concentration on her part, and you can hear her biting down loudly from across the room! Callie loves these frozen, rock hard, balls of kibble….She has not tired of this food for over 6 years now, but the down side to this dietary habit is that it cannot get stale, and her preference is to have it frozen solid. So, I am now a slave to feeding her small portions of frozen kibble, every 5 hours or so, and this extends all the way into the night. I know what you’re thinking and I would think it too. What the hell am I doing feeding this damn cat frozen kibble in the middle of the night? I can’t answer that question  logically, except to say that it must be a form of unconditional love… She asks so little of me, that getting up to feed her in the middle of the night, on most occasions is fine with me. Thank goodness my husband and I are retired because I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night. Oh, I remember… it was when Callie was staying at The Holiday Pet Hotel and Michael and I were on vacation without her. I miss her when we travel without her and though I may get to sleep through the night,  I don’t have her precious, adorable,company throughout the day. That is why I have started this blog on,” Travels With Callie.” We are now saving up our money to buy an RV and will explore all the National Parks with her. I would gladly get up several times a night to feed her in exchange for her company throughout the day.  And, the good news is that she doesn’t have to do the demonic chew anymore because I pass the frozen kibble to her every four or five hours or so. Now,  that is what I call LOVE!

And here we have Miss Callie doing her demonic chew in order to communicate that she is hungry and wants to be fed!

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