This is a photographic compilation of some of my travels, not all with Callie, but with Michael for sure. He has been quite supportive all these years. He bought me a Polaroid camera when my daughter Lara was born 32 years ago, and I haven’t stopped since!

Last Day in South Lake Tahoe

Tomorrow we are going to be pulling up stakes again and heading to Lassen Volcanic National Park. But only if we can find out if there are any partial hookups for RV’s. The nights are dropping into the 20’s and it is just too cold for Callie when we don’t have the heat on. She is coughing intermittently and we don’t want to see her get any worse. If Lassen isn’t our next destination, we will go to the redwoods. Our daughter hasn’t seen the gentle giants since she was a little girl, and the climate should be more temperate along the coast. It only got in the 50’s today in South Lake Tahoe.

Callie enjoyed a couple of walks today and is quite at home in this Campground. Most of the campers have left and it is quiet and there are more trees than Callie knows what to do with. She loves walking up to a tree and evaluating whether it would be worth climbing or not. Gray squirrels are busy stashing away food for the winter and barely take notice of her passing by. She is interested in them but because they are almost the same size as she is, chooses to leave them alone. The Canadian Geese like to head back to wherever they came from around 3:00 in the afternoon and you can hear them take off from the lake and start to fly back over the pine trees in a reverse pattern from the previous dawn. I wonder where they bed down to during the night?

We have really enjoyed our stay here at Campground by the Lake and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in camping in Tahoe. It is affordable, well run, clean and except for the traffic along the lake, quiet. The campground closes in 2 weeks though for the season. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if snow falls with the next storm that passes overhead. You can feel autumn in the air and winter is right behind it.

We were never able to figure out if Lassen Volcanic National Park has hookups, and after much consideration- we have decided to go to Bodega Bay, or the redwoods in California because of the temperate climate! Nothing but the best for Callie Adorable!

Canadian Geese in South Lake Tahoe

Every morning when I take Callie for her walk at Campground by the Lake in South Lake Tahoe, I look up to the sound of Canadian Geese flying overhead and coming in for a landing on the lake. You can easily see the white at the base of their tails, like a beacon for family members to follow as they fly low, over the pine trees. They honk and make fun little noises to one another that sound surprisingly reassuring and comforting. It is almost like one goose is saying to the others, “hang a little to the right” while another says, “safe and clear on the left” while even another says, “slow down, don’t go so fast!” Others respond by answering back and forth until you hear them hit the water and then all is silent.

Can you imagine a family member being shot out of the sky and the impact that tragedy must have on the flock members? They are a family, and a bird shot out of the sky is a mother or a father, brother or sister, aunt or uncle, or worse, mate! I just don’t get duck and bird hunting. I am not a vegetarian, so I can’t really judge with a clear conscience. But if everyone could understand that it is a family unit being torn apart and destroyed, maybe it would make less sense to the hunters too!

Keep Tahoe Blue with LimeBike!

The environmentalists have a good foothold on what it takes to keep Tahoe blue, and one of the neatest ideas I have come across lately is “LimeBike!”

This operation is still on a trial basis, but you can rent these adorable bikes that are parked all over the downtown area of South Lake Tahoe, for $1.00, per 30 minutes. All you have to do is scan with your smartphone a GPS route and then use your credit card or debit card, hop on the bike and take it to your next destination of choice within the city limits. How awesome is that? And the first ride is free, none the less! I am not sure what kind of a success story this will be, but the concept is wonderful and I hope it works out for the company. It is very good for the environment and even better for tourists walking around and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Lake Tahoe is incredible to look at and it is even more incredible when you are not inside a car whizzing by at 40 mph. There are paved bike trails along the lake and the neighborhoods due west is quiet and the streets have very few cars on them. We, fortunately, have our own bikes and do not need to rent a bike, but I can attest to the fact that it is fun to bike around this beautiful part of town.

On another note, Callie has been a wonderful RV companion and my only complaint concerning her, is that she sleeps all day and wants to play and eat at night. I have taken her on two walks today and hope I have worn her out just a little bit. I get the chirp and pat on my face at 2 am to check to see if I am really and truly sleeping. The answer to that is that “YES, I really and truly am sleeping, CALLIE!” She doesn’t get it though! The joy she expresses at seeing me wake up is priceless, and that is putting it mildly. She immediately starts purring and chirping her cute little chirp and covering me with kisses. Even Lara is charmed by her and wants to help me out during night time duties. The RV is small though, and when one person is awake because of the cat, we are ALL awake because of the cat! Thank goodness she is just so darn cute! Otherwise, she would be tossed right out, on her cute, little butt!

I went over to the front office and asked Ed if we could possibly stay through the weekend, and he kindly and most graciously secured B-9 for us through Sunday. This guy is incredible and the city is lucky to have him running Campground by the Lake with such compassion and cheerfulness. When I dropped by this morning, a young man was returning blankets that Ed had loaned him for the night because the temperature had dropped to 26 degrees. The poor guy was freezing. That was way beyond the call of duty and I told him that!!

Mono Vista RV Park

We left Yosemite Valley yesterday afternoon after a feeble attempt to try and reserve a campsite. Yosemite Valley was so crowded though, that we decided to drive over to Lee Vining and check out Mono Lake. We drove through a beautiful snowstorm in Tioga Pass, and the temperature dropped to 20 degrees last night in Lee Vining.

We pulled into Mono Vista RV Park around 5:00 and were given campsite #40 at the end of the row overlooking the lake. It truly is a Mono Vista RV Park, and it really has a view of the lake! The sites are spacious and the showers are clean. 2 out of 3 of us had hot water in the morning because Lara only had lukewarm. The management was informed of the problem, and they gave her another token for an additional 5 minutes which we never used and returned it to the front desk upon check-out. The campground has a large laundry facility and I thought the grounds were kept up nicely and the overall experience was rewarding. Our site offered electricity and water which was absolutely crucial for overall comfort because the night was so cold.

It is a gorgeous, bright and sunny day with a cloudless, blue sky overhead. After a lovely walk around the campgrounds with Callie, we collectively decided to head to South Lake Tahoe. We were going to go to Mammoth, but because most campgrounds don’t offer any hookups, I was concerned about Callie getting too cold during the night. She has coughed several times and we are trying to keep her warm and comfortable.

The drive to Tahoe was beautiful and the surrounding hills and mountains all had a dusting of pure white snow on them. The temperature was only in the 50’s all day, and autumn is definitely in the air. It took us about 2.5 hours to get here and we found an incredible campground called: The Campground by the Lake and we are settled into B-6. I personally believe we have the best site in the campground. The friendly host named Ed chose it for us and we can’t believe our good fortune! It is right across the street from the lake and is unbelievably large.

Because the site is so spacious and roomy, we were able to park the RV sideways so that we face the lake when sitting on the sofa. Our host was especially helpful and kind and made the experience of checking in without a reservation seem like a normal, everyday thing to do. We will be staying here for 3 nights and may stay even longer if we can. Supposedly the weekend is all booked up, but cold weather may keep some of the people that already made reservations, from traveling and they may cancel and stay home, according to Ed. We will keep our fingers crossed. It is always advisable to have a campsite already reserved before the weekend rolls around. The weekends are when RVing can be a bit tricky. It is no fun driving around looking for a place to stay and finding everything is filled up!

The bike path is literally right in front of the campsite and there is another path across the street that follows the lake. Michael and Lara ended up buying her a bike at Walmart and we also purchased a 4 bike- bike rack for the RV. Tomorrow we will all try to go on a bike ride together!

Callie had an absolute blast on the front dash today and she jumps up on it as soon as the engine starts up. She is tucked into bed now after a nice dinner and we have the heat on because of electrical hook up. Who could possibly ask for more?

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