Parting is such Sorrow

I am going to have to leave Callie with Michael for several days and I get to visit my daughter, Lara. We are attending a wedding of my sister’s son in Fallbrook, California. I have six sisters and one brother and all but one sister will be attending from Canada, South Carolina, Maui, Morro Bay, Perris, Riverside and Santa Barbara, California. We are a very close knit family and it will be so much fun seeing everyone. I am an artist and photographer and I named my business- sevensistersproductions many years ago. My web site was designed by Lara while she was still attending high school and she is now finishing up a PhD and is a grownup herself. You may visit my web site at:  I am not painting as much these days, but I still love to do photography and have recently started this blog on my travels with Callie. I am proud to be one of seven sisters. Our name is featured all over the world. So, tomorrow I leave for Fallbrook, California, and parting  from Callie is always a stress for both Callie and me. At least she gets to stay home with my husband and he takes excellent care of her. One of the things that I do to keep Callie happy, is to leave her with a teddy bear. She loves this bear and frequently takes naps with him. This bear use to be my daughters and it certainly has had its fair share of cuddles. So, off I go for a grand adventure, and I will check back in when I return.*

* And I just found out that I haven’t paid for my web site and it has been temporarily disconnected. I will get it up and running ASAP. That is retirement for you!