The Slot- Anza Borrego Desert State Park & Hawk Canyon

Michael, Fred and I got up at dawn to hike The Slot, a narrow siltstone canyon hiking trail before the day got too hot. You can locate the marker on Route 78 East if you are driving from Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs and turn left or (north) on a road marked Buttes Pass. It is a well maintained dirt road leading to the parking lot. The winding trail descends into the canyon below and as the trail gets narrower, the cliffs get taller. There are times along the trail where you have to turn sideways in order to squeeze through, hence the name, and it is a lovely, easy hike to the bottom. When we reached the canyon below, we saw wildflowers everywhere because of the recent rains and the Anza Borrego super-bloom and the view of the valley was quite spectacular. Heading back home along the dirt road, we sidetracked to Hawk Canyon and were not disappointed. Wildflowers were everywhere and it is a place that people can camp overnight.