Morro Rock

The rock in the middle of Morro Bay is actually a volcanic plug, or neck of an ancient volcano. It is located just off shore from the bay, and is the best known of the nine sisters of San Luis Obispo. Morro Rock is home to seals and gulls with starlings that rush by in large flocks that fly in unison, and look like smoke from a distance. You can hear the fog horn at night, and the shrieking of seagulls and barking of seals in the daytime. Morro Rock is a State Historic Landmark that was formed about 23 million years ago. It has the nickname of the Gibraltar of the Pacific, and is formidable to look at. This evening after a lovely day of visiting with my sister and brother in law, I rushed down at sunset to take photographs. The colors were molten with people milling about and the otters were back in the harbor grooming themselves, and sleeping contentedly. Otters have to constantly groom in order to keep their luscious fur waterproof. It was a lovely evening and I was glad I ran out to take photographs. Callie of course was more than willing to help me write my blog at the end of the day.