At the Rainbow’s Edge

Michael and I left Maui yesterday afternoon with a potent storm building out in the Pacific and arrived in San Diego with the same storm packing quite a punch.  We are now in Borrego Springs and the wind is blowing really hard with some rain sprinkled into the mix. I have sand dunes forming on every door and window sill, and the pool looks like a wild and wholly pond. Palm fronds and sand are everywhere. Our power is out and the house is cold and soon it will be dark. I have plenty of candles lit, thanks to my good friend Dolly and I will just have to settle in for the night with my iPad. Aren’t storms, weather and mother nature amazing? That is, as long as you can seek shelter from the rain….

We picked up Miss Callie at 10 am Friday morning at Holiday Pet Hotel and headed home with the rain pouring down and Callie crying softly to herself. She was restless and meowed a lot but was just fine. Holiday Pet Hotel takes excellent care of her and no amount of complaining on her part will convince me otherwise. She is a funny little one, and her facial expressions are so dramatic that you can tell exactly how she is feeling. She can be very expressive and quite the drama queen. That is why she reminds me of my Jack Russel, Miss  Addie. Addie was a drama queen too. So Callie complained to herself the whole way home but perked up as soon as we started to head down Montezuma Grade. She could smell the desert and recognized that we were almost home. The wind was howling down the grade and just as we crossed the line leaving the high desert, the sun started to peak out from the clouds and a rainbow emerged in the distance. Callie sat up on top of the suitcases and watched the storm blowing past and you could tell she was excited about heading home again.

As we continued down the grade, the rainbow turned into a double with the second and higher rainbow trying desperately to hold its own. This lasted until we got down to the desert floor and we rushed over to our favorite lookout at Henderson Canyon so that I could take a couple more photographs. Michael is very good about that with me. He is always super supportive and encouraging about my photography, and even after a long day of travel, and a super long day yesterday, he goes the extra mile to place me in a good position to take a fabulous photo. As we drove past the house, Callie let out a squawk and a meow of complaint. She had recognized the house when we drove past it, and couldn’t understand why we didn’t turn into the driveway.

The last photos are taken out at Henderson Canyon and the reward at the end of the rainbow were the beautiful clouds that were forming because of the powerful winds. What a gift and a pot of gold for me to drive back home just as the storm was cresting over the San Ysidro Mountain Range. I will remember this day for a long time and I can tell that Callie is very happy to be home again and in Michael’s warm embrace. 

Put On Your Rain Dance Shoes

The storm arrived last night around 1am and I felt like doing a happy dance in the still of night. It is such a big deal when it rains in the desert that everything and everyone celebrates on some level. I didn’t exactly put on my dancing shoes, but I did pull on my UGGS for a second day in a row and Callie got to chase olive leaves and observe a beautiful rainbow developing in the northwest.  It is fresh and brisk outside and the trees have been washed and the dust and sand packed down for a day. The winds are just starting to pick up and there is a chill in the air which means I actually get to put a sweater on too! With the winds come beautifully formed clouds that spiral and sail past the mountains at dizzying speed. When a storm arrives, it is time for me to get out the camera to take landscape photographs. Cloud formations add so much to the overall scene and the desert landscape has such a big sky format that it compliments the dry and arid ground. Southern California received some much needed rain yesterday and Anza Borrego Desert State Park accepted the storm today with relief and appreciation. It feels like the ocotillo turn green and leaf out over night and the beautiful red blossom on the tips of the branches were noticeable today when I went out on a bike ride. You can smell the sage and creosote and quail are dashing around in the underbrush while the white winged doves choose to risk flying erratically overhead. There is a sharp-shined hawk that is so athletic and fast out here that even when the doves are hiding under a bush, it can divebomb down and force them to take flight. There is much more of a sense of the precariousness  of life in the desert and every day a bird or jackrabbit survives is a gift. I could hear the coyotes howling last night and the young pups do their best to join in the chorus. Their voices are higher pitched and so joyous that you just have to hope the season will be kind to them. The scorching hot summer temperatures are behind us and for that, I too can rejoice. Thanksgiving arrives this Thursday and Michael and I and hopefully our good friend, Fred are going to go to Ram’s Hill Country Club for our traditional feast. I don’t have to cook this year, another cause for celebration! Happy Thanksgiving to all…