Diets Don’t Work

I have never been successful at dieting. I love to eat too much! If I attempt to restrict my caloric intake, I may loose weight for awhile but inevitably, I break down and pig out and gain back the weight I lost and then some. But there is no way I will stay the weight I am now if I continue down the path of off road biking. It is seriously difficult but fun work. I have been road biking for years now and nothing compares to off road biking. You have to concentrate so that you don’t fall down and it is tricky navigating deep sand. Michael and I had a terrific bike ride this morning to the Vern Whitaker Horse Camp in Borrego Springs. We also took Callie on a ride around the golf course. When I dropped her off again because she indicated she had had enough, she again bawled when I left her behind. I think she still prefers limited exposure with the new front loading bike basket, but she also doesn’t want me to leave again and have fun without her… after we dropped her off, we biked behind the house. The trail behind the house had sand that was so deep and loose, we had to walk the bikes at least half the way. I will be able to eat whatever the hell I want to today, and I much prefer this approach to loosing weight.👍