Whitney Portal

Michael, Callie and I left Keough’s Hot Springs first thing Sunday morning so that we could try to get into Whitney Portal Campground for one night on our return voyage south to Encinitas so that I could have eye surgery scheduled for Wednesday.

We made the drive to Lone Pine and then headed straight up the road to the magnificent and really, one of a kind campground where hikers seeking to make it to the summit, camp. We met the host, Bill as we pulled into the campground, and he gave us campsite #4 which was literally next to the river that roared down the mountain on it’s rapid descent to the valley floor. It was like camping next to a waterfall, the sound was so loud!

It took some maneuvering and skill on our part to get the Icon leveled, but we eventually managed and ended up having a very relaxing day. Callie was able to take several walks along the river and we BBQed later in the evening. Whitney Portal is absolutely breathtaking and you have to be pretty fit and an experienced hiker before even attempting such a difficult hike. There is quite a bit of vertical and the switchbacks are ruthless. Michael wants to return and attempt it before the summer is out.

I was able to get us into the Riviera Mobile Home Park in Encinitas around 6:30 yesterday evening, and Steve the host who also happens to be one of the owners was helpful and very accommodating. They don’t allow pets in the RV section so I quite jokingly suggested that I flush the cat down the toilet! He laughingly said that it would not be necessary and put is in a spot where a mobile home is due to arrive any day now. You can have pets for some reason in the mobile home section but not the RV Park. We are going to try and stay for a whole week so that we can get a better rate, and because it is just so awesome here and to be close to our old stomping grounds.

I am a little nervous about the surgery tomorrow because my last pterygium was so traumatic for me. The procedure has had 25 years or more to improve upon so I should be in good hands. This one has grown so large that it has affected my vision- maybe I will be a better photographer when all is said and done!

Callie is within a mile of the Holiday Pet Hotel that she used to be boarded at a couple of years ago and in hindsight and in retrospect, staying there was very traumatic for her. She developed asthma from a cough that was improperly diagnosed that went on for 6 months or more and she has never really regained her health since her cough. Such is life though, and now that we have the RV, she gets to go everywhere with us and I will never ever board her again in a public facility. Now she is Callie, the dash cam cat that travels the world in her very own RV!