Zion River Resort-Part 2

Callie, Michael, Lara and I were all here in April of this year, but it was much too cold for Callie to get in long walks at the resort. Today we went all the way to the office and Linda, one of the front desk employees, came running out to take Callie’s photograph and to give her a package of treats. I give Zion River Resort 5 stars for everything from service, to the grounds, showers and the swimming pool and jacuzzi. We have met so many nice people here and will come yet again. It is ideally located to take the shuttle into Zion or over to Saint George for Snow Canyon and Pine Valley Recreation Area. The Kolob Reservoir is a must see also!

Rise and Shine

Michael, Callie, and I made it to Zion River RV Park after a 12-hour drive at 7 pm and it was a long day for all of us. Callie loves being on the road though and helps navigate on the dash as if her life depends on it. Yesterday’s adventure was just a tad bit too long though and I could tell she was wondering when we would get there.

When we finally did set up camp, which now includes disconnecting the Tracker, Michael and I quickly changed into swimsuits and dashed over to the hot tub to soak our weary muscles and joints before it closed at 9. Sitting for so long when you are a senior citizen makes you stiff and achy! The wisdom of aging is that you aren’t as restless and a long day of travel is just part of the overall scheme of things. The three of us really had a fabulous day and are now reaping the rewards of reaching a lovely destination.

The hot tub was divine and a quick BBQ of veggie and salmon burgers were grilled with Callie being fed her favorite Science Diet nuggets, and off to bed, we went. I woke up with my usual rise and shine energy along with Callie and we took a fabulous walk before all of the dogs got up. It is bright and fresh outside with a fragrant breeze rustling the cottonwoods. A delicious breakfast shall be served as soon as my exhausted husband wakes up. Michael is going to try and find out if we can get into the north rim of the Grand Canyon, and if so, we may head out again. If not, we will stay here and take the bikes out for a trail ride. I vote we stay put for a couple of days and check out the local mountain trails and of course, Zion!

Another Run to Zion

We are staying at the River Zion RV Park until Tuesday and decided to make another run up to Zion National Park. It did not disappoint us and the lighting for photography was much more dramatic than on Wednesday. We again packed a picnic lunch and Michael dragged the entire bag full of food all the way to the Upper Emerald Pool. The Upper Pool was quite a steady vertical climb but only 1.6 miles from the parking lot. The upper pool was well worth the hike and was spectacular. Zion was much busier on Sunday then on Wednesday, but nothing like the 4.5 million people that visited the park over the summer.

When we were done hiking, we met a fellow photographer, Michael Andrew who is also a Word Press Blogger for dinner at Oscar’s in Springdale and thoroughly enjoyed his company. Michael lives in Zion and gave us lots of good tips while we gobbled up a huge garlic hamburger which is Oscar’s specialty dish.

Michael and I took another jacuzzi when we got back to the RV and it is almost time to call it a day. I have taken another set of decent photographs and love the new lenses on my iPhone 7 plus camera. We have had such a wonderful time here and I feel so much more relaxed than when we first arrived. I am driving the RV while my Michael follows in Lara’s car and it is taking some getting used to driving such long distances. Staying here for an entire week is doing the job. I am now very relaxed!