How to Teach a Cat to Ride a Bike!

Now, you may very well ask that question, how DO you teach a cat to ride a bike? The answer to that question, is that you can’t. And to put it more bluntly, how can you teach a cat to go on a bike ride with you?  Dogs, you can teach, but cats need to be asked if they are willing to try something new. In the case of Callie, I first introduced her to a backpack and taught her how to enjoy walking around with me in the safety of the house. She wasn’t exactly thrilled with this new activity but she was game to the experience. Callie and I have a wonderful relationship and for the most part she trusts me and accepts that I am the boss. I placed a rolled up towel at the base of the backpack so that she could stand up in the pack and put her front paws on my shoulders. I also have a harness that I clip onto the backpack just in case we have a disagreement on whether she wants to stick around or not. Once she got use to walking around the house, I was able to graduate her to the bike. She took to the bike like a duck to water and from the very beginning, I knew I had her trust and the rest was easy. She loves riding around the De Anza Golf Course and checking out the birds and sometimes, bighorn sheep, coyotes and butterflies. It is especially thrilling to sneak up on the common grackle, which will explode in a flurry of feathers and noisy shrieks when we get too close. Riding over a puddle makes her flinch, but the only thing that truly frightens her are loud noises from trucks. If a truck roars up behind us, she dives down into the backpack like a turtle pulling its head back into the shell. As soon as the truck has passed, she pops her head back up and leans into the wind. It is a wonderful way to take in the sites and Callie likes this almost as much as riding in the car. When she has had enough, she licks my ear, and homeward bound we go. 

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